January 2014 – Apps you should have to start the year

Mobile apps have now become pretty much a way of life. That is contributed by the use of smartphones which is increasing every hour around the world. Whether you are a an iPhone user or an Android fan, there are millions of apps in the market to suit almost every need and below are the top few which we think you will need for January 2014, the first month of this year.

Google Hangouts App

This app is made by Google and it is meant to give you quick access to chat and make video calls. It is easy to use and is very much integrated with your other Google apps. If you are on Android, you should get this app as default as it is very well linked to your desktop version.

Any.do App

This is perhaps the most complete reminder and scheduling app in the market. It is easy to use, easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. Comes with the reminder option and a positive message everyday, you can easily set reminders on your phone and it will vibrate when the scheduled time comes around.

Paper App

This is widely regarded to be the easiest and most efficient way to jot down ideas, text and diagrams. You can use it as soon as you install it into the device and share it with others.

Google Sky Map App

This is one of the most underrated apps in the market today but it has quite an accurate representation of the celestial elements up there in the skies. Download the app, install and then point it to the skies (at night of course) and you get the information that you need. It is as easy as that.

Looper App

This is a simple mobile app which is designed for beatboxers, or at least those who are trying to be. You can create music on your phone and as the name implies, let it loop so that you can create richer sounds. You can record up to 6 tracks and decide on the metronome speed while combining a few tracks together. An extremely addictive app.


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