Items needed during confinement period

Items needed during confinement period

Once you have applied for your maternity leave and gave birth to a baby, it is time for you to rest and nurture your health to gain pre-pregnancy state. But before you stay indoor during the confinement period which is between 30 and 45 days, you have to be well-prepared by purchasing several items on the list.

Here are some important items needed during your confinement period. According to Chinese beliefs, you are not supposed to bathe while undergoing confinement period. This is to prevent ‘wind’ from entering your body. However, times have changed dramatically in the last twenty years. Modern mothers now do bathe by adding herbs to their bath. For mothers who would like to bathe during confinement period, you may purchase confinement herb bath from Chinese medicine shop.

Secondly, whether you are staying with your mother-in-law or a live-in confinement lady taking care of you, if you do not want them to wash your bloodstained underwear, do purchase bulks of disposable underwear to convenient you and those who are taking care of you. But then again, this is an optional choice for mothers.

Next up, must-have items on your list are herbs such as red dates, black dates, black bean, tong sum/dang shen and dong quai (also known as angelica sinensis). Prepare tea by adding some of the herbs suggested above to regulate your blood circulation and for other health purposes.

Finally, for mothers who insist on taking care of themselves without hiring a pui yuet (live-in confinement lady), remember to stock up healthy food for you and the family such as dried black fungus, mushroom, herbs (as mentioned above), dried kelps, ginger, black vinegar and sesame oil.



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