Is Praising your kids spoiling them?

Is Praising your kids

You would have heard by now that over-praising the kids might risk spoiling them. This is because while praising might encourage them to continue doing the good things, overdoing it might cause them an inflated confidence which might have repercussions in the future.

So, is there a right and wrong way to praise your kids?

The rule of thumb is to do it in moderation. The usual conundrum of quantity versus quality is a constant problem as a lot of parents do not when is too much.

First things first, there is nothing wrong with praising the kids when they do something well, like scoring the ‘A’ in the assignment or painted a nice looking seaside in Art. But things have changed a lot where our parents were stricter then. Today, we have become praise-junkies.

The myth is that we think that if we praise our children a lot, we are building their confidence and will improve their self-esteem. The truth is, it might have the opposite effect because too much might become insincere. This will make them afraid to try new things because they know what will earn your praise.

Another effect is that the child feels that he or she needs your approval for everything they do because if you praise them, it feels like approval but if you don’t praise them, it feels like you disapprove.

Praise is good when you know when to shower them. In this context, quality is always better than quantity. The most important element about this is that it must be sincere.

It would be ideal when you praise the child after he or she had accomplished something through their own efforts. The boy might not be the best footballer in the squad but if he is actually working on his own on the garden after school each day, practicing his shots, then some praise would be well-earned, and this is regardless of whether his team won or lost or if he was selected to play in the next match.

If your child does something which is of a normal routine, for instance, if he is very good in English and takes out an English book to read when there are guests around, there is no need to praise him for that. After all, he is doing what he does best.

One thing for sure, praising your kids will help in building their self-esteem but you need to know when the best time to do so is. It must be reiterated that never over-do the practice of praising your kids. Keep them in moderation. Was this article helpful? Share them to help others.


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