Is Homeschooling the next and better education?

The uncertainties encircling around the Malaysian education system are causing a lot of uneasiness among Malaysians today. The government’s flip-flop decision making in issues related to the education system has caused parents, teachers and everyone involved to take drastic steps.

Rising demand to leave public schools

Most of the private schools in Malaysia are now converting their syllabuses from the local system to the more consistent and better quality international syllabus as parents are demanding for better quality education.

Homeschooling better option to some

Many have now decided to home-school their children so that they can receive the best attention and learn from the best international system in the world instead of the local one.
Homeschooling has in recent years become a preferred choice among Malaysian families as the children need not have to succumb to the indecisiveness of the Malaysian government seen as ‘toying’ with their future. Homeschooling ensures that the child enjoys an unchanged and consistent education through a trial and tested and internationally recognized system.

A more cost-effective option

Where this is concerned a lot of parents are aware that they have the option of having their kids homeschooled. Having said that, homeschooling was first envisioned to provide parents with an alternative to going to state funded or Malaysian public schools, and was not a way of escapism for the kids. Of course, depending largely on the preferences of the parents, a lot of kids who are homeschooled are considered as over-protected. This does not really reflect the reality of the situation as there would most likely be valid reasons on why some parents want to keep their children educated in the home.

Why parents prefer homeshools?

The most common reason of homeschooling is because parents feel that their children would benefit more than going to a public school. After all it is at home that the kid will not receive any bad or negative influence from classmates or parties.
At home, they are taught what they need to learn and then the rest of the time, they can choose their friends to hang out with. Some kids have go through homeschooling because they have no choice. This can be because they are sick and are unable to attend normal schools. Apart from that some reasons include having the control of what is taught to their children will result in parents giving homeschooling education to them.

What about the process?

To gain homeschool education it is easy for the parents to decide, after all they can just pull their kids out of school and apply with the state education ministry and they can give their kids the desired education at home. However, some parents make the mistake of pulling their kids out of the education system because their children are facing problems like mixing with their classmates, getting bullied, disliking school and such, all of which are pretty much normal growing up behavior. Y
ou have to be aware that no matter how much your kid hates school, it is a common feeling among most children around the world, hence unless it is a serious problem, homeschooling is not the only option available.

Is homeschooling legal education?

The fact that there are millions of homeschooling students around the world meant that yes it is legal. Where this is concerned, there are certain regulations that you have to adhere to if you are to have your kid homeschooled such as following the proper education system that are implemented by the government of the country and following the various assessment levels that are held nationally or internationally.
All you need to do really is to ensure that you do not deprive your kids off the standard educational levels that other kids are enjoying. Hence whether you are personally tutoring your kids or having a tutor over, you have to ensure that they can advance through life with the proper qualifications.
Otherwise there are no other issues involved as regards to the legitimacy of homeschooling education. However, you must also be aware and keep tap with what the local state education agency are providing for in the state schools and then learn to give the same to your kid.
Of course in these situations you would need to file some papers and provide proper documentation of reports and such which essentially are not difficult and quite hassle free. The whole concept here to ensure that you are well aware of the latest developments of education in the state and the area where your kid is growing up and to ensure that proper education is given to them.

Benefits and limitations of Homeschooling

  • Personal attention – One of the best benefits of having your kids homeschooled is that they are able to gain personal attention from their tutors. These are usually in situations where some teachers in class tend to move faster than others. In our society where asking questions is a show of weakness, there are tendencies that kids tend not to ask questions even if they do not understand a specific topic.
  • Better learning – In homeschooling, you will be able to learn every single topic taught until you are familiar with them inside out. Where this is concerned, homeschooled kids have the luxury to expand their learning pace further if there are topics that they are good in or subject that they like by spending more time on them. In schools these are not possible because they are all confined within the limitations of the class timetable.
  • Practical and hands-on – Homeschooling also provides students with hands on experience and more out of the box activities. This is because kids who study at home have their parents to consult if they need more information about a specific topic. This can then be further elaborated by visiting the Science Center, the National Museum, the Zoo or even the park where they are able to view the real life examples instead of merely charts and grafts in the class room.
  • Character building – To say the least, kids who gone through homeschooling can be somewhat more vocal when it comes to asking questions and seeking better understanding of things and issues. This is because they are so often used to the fact that they can be free to express themselves in such situations with their tutors after years of doing so in the home.

On the flipside however, there are some limitations to homeschooling.

  • Good teachers – One of the main problems in homeschooling is the need for quality teachers. While some parents believe that they are the best teachers in the world to their children, most have not underwent any proper training in teaching courses, hence they are not aware of the teaching methodologies and how to go about being a good teacher.
  • Qualifications – It is different to hold a doctorate in a philosophy and a diploma in children teaching, both of which would give better advantage to the one with the proper educational education. Where this is concerned, you will find that to a large extend, you can at least control the people who will be teaching your kids as compared to public schools where you are more or less susceptible to whoever the school provides.
  • Cost – Costing might be another hurdle. Unless you are well off and are able to fund your kid’s education throughout, then it might be a bit heavier in the monetary sense if you kid is homeschooled. This is because going to public schools would include having all the facilities for activities and text books provided or through assistance.
  • Additional costs – If you are to go through homeschooling, then all extra curricular activities will have to be borne and paid for by the parents. This would also include having to pay for the monthly tuition fees as well. You will also have to take into consideration that homeschooling means you will have to also schedule activities like swimming classes, uniformed clubs and such all at the expense of those that are available in the public and not those that are often readily available in schools.
  • Social issues – One of the major issues that parents usually consider before having their kids homeschooled are the societal effects that will be imposed on the kid. Not having the luxury of hanging friends throughout their schooling years would mean that they might feel isolated from other kids of the same age.

On one hand, it would make them stronger where they will cultivate the independence sentiments, but on the other hand, they might be too overly dependent on the family instead. Hence this aspect is one that parents have to strongly consider if they are to have their kids homeschooled. Take into consideration the type of child your kids are and the level of need to socialize with other kids.

So is Homeschooling the key to the best Education?

As a matter of fact, it does not matter what education your kid receives as long as the fundamental concepts that education seeks to provide are there. Homeschooling usually provides the kid with a better and easier avenue of asking question due to the personal attention they receive. Classrooms would often be a harder place if you are to cultivate such trends. But we have also often seen those children who are more outspoken and have been able to excel not only in school but in life as well.

These are the kids who have been able to identify the best possible methods in education, which are listening and learning what they are taught as well as asking questions to get more information and to understand better. If the kid in the homeschool are able to cultivate this behavior then they are as good as any other students whether they are in a public or private school.

Homeschooling kids are no different than those that go to normal schools. Unless it is a health condition, you would be studying and learning the same thing that the other kid does. The only difference perhaps is that you do not have to go to classes like they do.

You could just make friends with your neighbors or in some cases with other friends who are also homeschooled. If socializing is something that you can overcome and learn to accept, then homeschooling is just education naturally. For parents, it is something that they prefer for their kids and if it is effective then there is no reason why it cannot be practiced.

Homeschools in Malaysia

As the popularity of private schooling are rising fast, so is the establishing of homeschools. Since it has become quite a norm in Malaysia with similar benefits of going to the usual schools, there are several options that you can consider. Among them:

Home School Puchong Kinrara

The Home School Puchong Kinrara has been around since 2015. It is quite a nice place where students get personal attention with less than 20 students per class with an impressive 1 to 8 teacher-student ratio. To apply, all you have to do is:

  • Call the school to make an appointment
  • Visit the school to take the placement test
  • If all is well, make payment and your child can start

Newton Home School Subang

This is quite an established school which is operating in Subang Jaya, Selangor. With more than 10 years of experience working with international students, Viviean is more than capable of running this small set up.
This homeschool promises to be a place where your child will enjoy active learning through a creative curriculum that helps them in their growth. Besides that, the idea is to provide a fun and conducive environment for learning. This is where your child will get to play games while being educated through industry trips, sports and such.

Q Akademi O Level Centre

This is basically an examination centre that prepares students for the IGCSE level tests. Classes are very small with an acceptable and very conducive teacher-student ration. Located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, it comes with a very flexible programme where students can learn at their own pace. This means that your child can choose how many subjects to take. The curriculum is designed to be very practical and engaging so that they learn faster.

Able Learning Center

The Able Learning Center provides classes for students preparing for the IGCSE examinations. This is provided through a platform which is very effective for the students as they are engaged in active learning and through a curriculum which helps them to learn more effectively


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