iPad fit in ZooGlue BinderPad

iPad to fit into 3 ring binder with ZooGlue BinderPad

This new gadget surely puts conveniences into a new perspective especially if you are an iPad owner. After all, the iPad is all about mobility and convenience and it is all about making life easier isn’t it? So comes the ZooGlue BinderPad case which you will find to be interesting and very useful in every way.  It is very common that iPad owners would want a nice looking sleeve to go with it but that usually means you have another gadget to carry with you if you haven’t got enough already which include your mobile phone, bags and probably your DSLR.

So if you have documents to bring with you, then you have a whole new challenge because that means there is another addition to what you have to bring. So the ZooGlue gives you convenient solution where you can incorporate your iPad into a 3 ring binder. By using the ZooGlue BinderPad, you can now have you iPad nicely tucked within your 3 ring binder file or a large organizer if you are still using one. This minimizes the number of things you have to carry and apart from being convenient, it looks very good and very professional too. Use it with documents

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