Indochine Natural

One of the cosmetics brands to enter the Malaysian market is Indochine Natural. As the name implies, it has some Indochina influence in this range which is made from natural resources. One of the very important practices of Indochine Natural is in its Fair Trade commitment which offer fair wages in a safe and healthy work-place with equal income opportunities for the disadvantaged communities.

Background of Indochine Natural

Indochine was the brainchild of Ms Le Thanh Thuy, a renowned fashion designer from Vietnam and an Australian scientist, Dr Mike Thair. Started out in Vietnam in 2006, it has since grown to become a prominent skin and beauty care brand across the region. In 2009, Indochine Natural set up their production facility in Malaysia in Penang.

Philosophy behind Indonchine Natural

Besides body care, Indochine Natural produces home products as well. The idea behind this brand is to offer a range of products which are both synthetic and preservative free. Products are plant-based and handmade, giving customers the personal touch. Among the underlying principles of products offered by Indochine Natural include:

  1. Simple and authentic
  2. High quality and all-natural
  3. products are organically produced
  4. Made using natural plant ingredients
  5. environmental friendly and cruelty-free
  6. Commitment to recycling

Products by Indonchine Natural

Generally, Indonchine Natural offers a wide range of beauty, skin and home care products. This includes:

  1. Shampoo – Made using all natural and restorative ingredients for stronger roots and healthier hair. Among the most popular range here is the tropical rain shampoo.
  2. Body Wash
  3. Soap – With this production plant, Indonchine Natural is able to roll out 10,00 bars of soap weekly including their very popular basil, lemongrass and patchouli.
  4. Organic Face Oil
  5. Organic Face Mist
  6. Organic Mosquito Oil
  7. Essential Oils
  8. Cosmetics Clays
  9. Household Cleaning – There is a wide range of home products by Indochine Natural like their dish wash soap, washing powder and cleaning liquid which are made from natural ingredients and very eco-friendly.
  10. Balms

Where to buy Indochine Natural

At the moment, Indochine Natural products are available for sale online. While its products are exported to other countries like Australia, Japan, the Middle East and the United States, it is easily available in Malaysia as well.
You can buy Indochine Natural products in Justlife stores available in major shopping centers as well as in boutique hotles.




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