Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

The greatest gift we can give to our children is love. Children also need a safe home free from violence. And of course, parents are responsible to love, care and protect them. Therefore, when things go wrong outside or if they face problems, they can always come home and seek comfort and advice from their parents.

Unfortunately, with the increasing number of domestic violence cases, it simply means that children are exposed to violence and it will impact them. The sound of one parent crying and wailing begging the other will haunt the kids forever in their lives. When parents fight at home, the children fear divorce or at times, fear that one of their parents will lash them with whatever that comes in handy such as a whip or belt.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

According to a research, there is often a link between domestic violence and child abuse. Those who faced domestic violence are also victims of child abuse. These victims are more likely to be abused physically or sexually. As a result, the children experience emotional stress and it can harm their brain development and affect sensory growth. Adults will also notice that these small kids have sleep problems, display immature behavior and constantly fear of being alone.

During their teen years, children will have trouble fitting in the school, trouble with education and also relatively have poor concentration. A study also revealed that these kids showed lower reading abilities compared to those with good upbringing. They are also prone to other societal issues such as suicidal tendencies, pregnancy and criminal behavior. Most of them show signs of aggressive behavior. They may resort to violence to solve problems because these were the traits they observed from their household.

Permanent damage subsequent generations

Left unattended, domestic violence will become a cycle and pass on to the next generation. When these kids grow up in a home where domestic violence is used against one parent, the kids will either become victims later in life or even worse, perpetrators. It all comes down to one conclusion “do not resort to violence”. As part of the community, you need to play your role by reporting such cases to the authority. There are also various non-governmental organizations (NGO) raising the awareness of the impact of domestic violence on children. And to parents out there, give your child a brighter future.


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