If you are born between 1977 and 1983, you have a new micro-generation name

You would most likely have heard of terms like Generation X, Millennials or Baby Boomers. In most cases, that really depends on which year or range of years you were born in. there has been so many labels and so many names and at times, you are not sure which one do you fit in. But the good thing, everyone is coming up with new names and you now have one too.

Not fitting into any

The biggest problem really is that you find yourself not fitting into any of the generations. You seemed too old to be Generation X and too young to be a Millennial. In one way or another, you are neither here nor there.

What are you then?

A new name has been given to those born between 1977 and 1983. If you are within these years or somewhere around there, you probably:

  1. Have no problem using a smartphone
  2. grown up with a payphone
  3. were among the first to start online dating
  4. was there when Facebook started
  5. learnt the SMS skill ie: Texting with a single hand (or thumb)
  6. used paper notes (yes! Post-it notes!!)
  7. never knew what a selfie was during your teenage years but learnt about it later
  8. used films on cameras until digital cameras came about
  9. The only form of investment was in shares and property and digital currency was not even coined yet

Enter the world of Xennials

If you have ticked all those boxes, then you are one of what is known as a Xennial. This means that you are aware of how to use a VCR because you grew up watching them. You used functions like:

  1. Fast Forward
  2. Rewind
  3. Pause

Simply because some of these functions no longer exist today. The remote control was an important part of life. It was more important than your smartphone today. You listened to the radio each week for your favourite program because there was no other sources of entertainment.
MTV was one of the best things that ever happened to mankind.

What does it mean to be a Xennial?

Being a Xennial means you have something that no other generation does. You practically get to experience and see the entire technology revolution happening. Your childhood was mostly made up of analogue devices while your adulthood was embraced with digital platforms. You can make up a chart of things you used to have which have since changed to become something else today. You had ER then, but they have Grey’s Anatomy now. You used Hotmail then and they have Gmail now. You had the ATARI and now they have the Playstation. That’s the uniqueness of being a Xennial.




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