ICE – What is it and how dangerous is it?

ICE – What is it and how dangerous is it?


There are many types of dangerous drugs circulating in the markets today. They go by various types of names and street names. All drugs are actually a type of medication developed for a specific purpose which means that they are actually for a good use. It is when someone misuses these drugs that they become dangerous.

Cocaine is known as coke, happy dust among others while Heroin is sometimes known as Big H or Black Pearl. ICE is a street name for crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride. It is one of the most powerful stimulant drugs circulating around today and due to its transparent and sheet like crystal looks, it goes by the name of ICE. Apart from this, it is known as Meth and Shabu as well.

ICE is very much like Cocaine where it is usually snorted or swallowed. In places like Australia, the common way of consuming ICE is through smoking and inhaling. In Malaysia, it comes in the form of powder and pills. They are usually sold in ‘points’ which are in the likes of 0.1 gram.

Being a potent stimulant drug, ICE naturally speeds up the central nervous system’s activity but this will differ between individuals based on factors like amount consumed, the person’s size, weight and height and other factors. ICE is considered to be more addictive than other types of amphetamines where a person will get ‘high’ after consuming it and this is the feeling that the person will want to re-experience again which will drive future consumption of ICE.

Among the physical effects that a person will experience after taking ICE include blurred vision, increased breathing rate, shaking hands, dilated pupils and nausea, among others. On top of that, they will experience extreme duration of sweating, dizziness, increased body temperature while the person’s behavior will change considerably.

As with any other stimulant drugs, ICE will be fatal if one overdose on it. It could lead to hostility where the person might become violent. Other behavioral changes include talkativeness, restlessness, changes in the way of thought and speech and even panic attacks.

A person who is on a long-term consumption with ICE will face severe depression problems, hallucinations, paranoia withdrawal and it could lead to heart-related problems. They will become a totally different person.

ICE addiction can be cured and this can be done through rehabilitation, much like the way every other type of drug addiction is cured. It would be daunting and very troublesome as an ICE addict will be prone to get back into this problem in the future.


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