How to treat acne with toothpaste

Treat acne with toothpaste

Let’s face it; we have some point in our lives have faced this problem before. The problem can be as severe as mild but what usually takes us by surprise is its sudden appearance when we are staring at the mirror in the morning. It will usually affect the way we operate throughout the day as most of the time we will be thinking about it, not to mention the impact it will have on the self esteem. So when you are staring at your reflection and contemplating on how to hide that acne, why not try to get rid of it with toothpaste. However you should take note that using this method can become a messy process, so be prepared.

What you need to do is to first pull your hair back so that it does not get in your way when you are doing this. You will have to shower later but just try not to make a mess of things as best as you can. After that take the toothpaste and spread a moderately thick layer of it all over your face. Take care as not to get the toothpaste near the nostril and eye area as it will burn. Also if the area is prone to acne outbreak you might consider putting on a second layer.

You can apply the toothpaste in two ways; if your skin is especially prone to acne outbreaks you have the option of applying the toothpaste and leaving it on over night. However this is only recommended for people that have a severe case of acne only as the method of applying the toothpaste can be quite messy, not to mention that the toothpaste would tighten over night. For less severe cases applying the toothpaste for an hour or so can be quite effective already. As the toothpaste can actually dry out the skin it is not recommended to try this often, so use method for about once or twice a week.




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