How to tell if your woman is faking it

woman is faking it

Okay, here’s the drill down. As men, we all know that our women tend to fake their orgasms for a few very valid reasons, the most important being that they do not want to hurt our feelings. And that is pretty valid considering that it makes us feel smaller than ever. And research showed that a majority of women fake their orgasms and gets away with it.

There are scientific signs that prove that a woman is about to orgasm which is when her hands and abdomen start to warm and she seems to be speaking in a weird language and that is when you can start judging if it is real or not. The one thing you can tell about a woman is her arousal. If you sense that she is less than aroused, then a fake orgasm is coming your way.
Other signs include the hoarse voice due to the dry throat as she cannot control that anymore. Increase in breathing pace, muscle tensions are some other signs.  But if you have been with a woman long enough and she gives you the same reaction everytime she is about to come, then chances are they are fake. Why? Because orgasms are not planned actions, there is no way you can dictate the reaction each time. Rule of thumb, it should be different every time she comes.


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