How to Not Get Sick While Traveling

Travelling is fun. Being sick is not. Being sick while travelling can be devastating. This can be a lot worse if you start feeling it on the first day of your so-called vacation.

Can it really be that bad?

It seems like every time you are about to go on a vacation, it is the cold and flu season. Its like signs to tell you not to go anywhere. And then the worst happens. You catch a cold on your way to the airport. If you are travelling on a long haul flight, the fact that you are in a confine space with about 200 passengers means you are at risk of someone nearby who could be spreading the germs to you. And you are more than ready for your best vacation.

The numbers don’t lie

Recent reports have shown that there is very high chance you can catch a cold when travelling. This is more so if you are in confine spaces not only in airplanes but in buses or trains too. In fact, you are about 20 to 115% more likely to be sneezing your way out of any of these transports.

Get ready for it

Having known the risks and how much you might be catching a cold, then you should get ready for it. In fact, there are many things you can do before your trip to avoid such misfortune. While you cannot be completely free from these conditions, there are some steps you can take:

Minimize stress

One thing for sure, before boarding the plane is one of the most stressful moments of any vacation. Among those that you can foresee adding to your stress are:

  1. getting to the airport
  2. checking-in your luggage
  3. passing immigration
  4. security checkpoints
  5. and waiting to board.

Doesn’t that amount to almost every step of the way? This then increases when you are travelling with another person (family member). The idea here is to try to remain calm and be as stress free as possible. In fact, plan ahead. Get to the airport as early as you can and check in early. When you are stress, your immune system is down. Remember that you are going on a vacation and stress is the one thing you want to leave behind.

Stay hygienic

Being hygienic is common sense but you need to stay hygienic as well. Most doctors will advise you to wash your hands frequently when travelling. It might not be easy to find wash basins all the time so you might bring a hand sanitizer with you if possible. But if you have the chance to wash your hands, make sure that you clean them thoroughly. You will never know where the places have been that your hands are touching.

Use a face-mask

These days, using a face-mask is no longer a paranoid practice. In fact, it has become quite common and normal in most Asian countries. This might not go very well in western countries like the US or some parts of Europe, but at least you are keeping a distance between what you are breathing in.

Prepare your own nutrition

Health supplements are what you need to bring with you. If you are travelling to a foreign country, chances are you might not find the type of nutrition your body is used to. Airplane food might not be your top choice either. With your own supplements and even nutritious food, your body gets the daily dose of minerals it is used to.

Contact with surfaces

If possible, try to touch as little as you can. Tables, surfaces, toilets and all that. It might be difficult but you’d never know where these surfaces have been. In fact, tables are among the dirtiest places around. If you can, use a napkin.

Rest enough

This is hard to do if you are traveling because you want to maximize your time outdoors or doing the things you love. What you need is a good night’s rest and sleep. Jet lag is one problem but you must try to get as much rest as you can. When your body gets the rest it is used to, your immune system is strong enough and you will not fall sick so easily.
So, having said all that, you should well be aware that staying healthy and not fall sick is not impossible. You just need to get your body ready and in shape. But if it happens during your travels, you need to be ready for it and take every precaution possible.




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