How to make your partner to dress more ‘sexily’

Make your partner to dress more sexily

One of the hardest and most challenging tasks men have to face is to tell their girlfriend/wife/partner to dress more ‘sexily’. In fact, it is almost like telling an artist how to paint because as far as the woman is concerned, they are ‘sexy enough’.  The thing is, men often find themselves wanting their partners to be more sexy because the definition differs. While the women feel that sexiness is wearing that new Zara dress, the men perhaps think that sexiness is wearing half the new Zara dress.

So you want to tell her, but you are afraid of hurting her feelings or worse still, you are afraid that it might create an argument. First of all, you must take note of signs on whether she is receptive to changing her dressing. If she is the adamant type then its just too bad. But if she is receptive, then you can start by going slow. Remember, she won’t change overnight. So don’t try.
Don’t jump into a hot tank-top and expect her to wear it. You must communicate. Let her know that you think she is hot wearing the tank top. Let her know that you whatever she wear, you still desire her. Getting her to try out something new requires encouragement, and you will need to constantly tell her that. If she is willing to try out that piece you selected, pour in the compliments, but never over-do it. Bargain. Since she is willing to wear that lingerie you have chosen, be ready to wear something she choose too.


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