How to look younger in a matter of minutes

Look younger

If you want to achieve that youthful and healthier wrinkle free skin in a matter of mere minutes then you should try these simple steps that will be provided in the following. They are not just safe and painless but these easy to do techniques are also practiced by the world’s top professional make up artist. So whether you are just starting to notice those first few lines on your skin or you are already experiencing more advance signs of aging, these techniques can still be applied with effective results.

To make lines and wrinkles disappear then just follow these simple steps. So before you apply foundation on your skin, use a very thin make up brush or Q-tip to apply a highlighter or professional line filler inside the creases of your wrinkles and lines. After you have done this, blend gently so that the lines disappear by using a clean Q-tip or the thin end of the makeup sponge.

Creating those fuller and younger lips is easier than you think, first that foundation and cover your lip area with it, then use lip balm or cream on your lips. Once you have finished with that process take lip liner of the same shade or a shade that is more lighter then the color of your lipstick and line the area just outside the lip’s natural lip line. Use you lipstick and apply that with a lip brush blending lipstick to that of the lip liner. Finish off by dabbing a pale light colored lip gloss as the center of the top and bottom of your lips.

In order to lift that sagging jaw line, apply a layer of foundation with a very thin line of highlighter from ear to ear along the top of your jawbone. Remember to blend thoroughly and after that apply a thin line of contour shadow or cream on the area underneath your jawbone as well as the bottom. Again blend thoroughly.



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