How to extend your smartphone battery life

How to extend your smartphone battery life

Battery life in smartphones has always been a problem with users. It is not strange to see someone carrying a power bank connected to their smartphone in public as they tend to run out of energy quite quickly especially when you are running multiple apps each day. However, there are ways that you can practice that will extend the lifespan of your smartphone battery. Below are some tips.

If there is no service, switch it off. If you are in places where the service is poor, you might as well switch off the phone. This is because it will drain a lot of energy searching for signal. In other words, your smartphone’s battery life is most efficient when there is good signal.

Don’t use up all the battery life. Contrary to reports, don’t always wait until the battery is almost flat before charging. If it is around 20%, start charging it.

Try not to use too much vibrate if you have already have a loud and perhaps annoying ring tone. Other services that you should not have them activated at all times are Bluetooth and your GPS.

Brightness is the biggest energy drainer. Turn off the backlight and tone down on the brightness if you can. Automatic modes should not be activated.

Live wallpapers utilize a lot of animation and you should not have them in your phone although it might look really cool. If possible, use black background like Google’s Blackl. Try to find a spare battery so that you do not solely depend on one.

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