How to deal when your baby is teething

The teething process for baby’s and newborns often start around as early as their third month onwards. This can sometimes be very distressing as the it is when the baby is crying more often than before as the teeth starts making its way out of their gums. As parents you are not sure what to do as you seemed helpless in one way or another. The whole process takes a while to complete and hence you will find that it gets incredibly difficult in many ways that you will find yourselves trying every possible means to lessen the pain for your baby and the heartache for yourselves.

What you need to know

To begin with, you need to be aware that the teething process usually starts around the third month and pretty much drags on until the baby is about three. This of course would mean that the first teeth will be the most painful. You will most likely notice that starting the fourth month and most likely up until the seventh, the first tooth will start sneaking out of the baby’s gums. The first teeth that normally comes up would be through the bottom gum while the upper gum will have another four popping up in about the next one or two months.

After that you will notice that two more teeth will start appearing on both sides of the bottom two earlier teeth before the molars start coming out. The last teeth to grow would be the eyeteeth which are the ones pointing down through the upper jaws. The whole process goes on until they are about 3 years old where the kid will then be able to have all their 20 primary teeth by then. In certain cases, a baby can be born with one or two teeth sprouted but it is a natural growth process so there are no causes for any alarm.

In the beginning

You have to know that any growth in around the body would definitely create irritation and as such the baby when they start teething will have the tendency to start chewing and drool more. These are common physical effects of early teething so you will have to learn to cope with that. For the more extreme cases, your baby will become more cranky. As such they will tend to cry more or might just disrupt their normal eating habits. If this happens, then you would need to see the doctor to find ways in minimizing the pain.

The one that you will notice when your baby starts teething is the inconsistent body temperature. This is common even with adults whenever you have a tooth or gum ache that you might just feel feverish. However, in the teething process, although the body temperature might be slightly higher than normal, it would not really lead to high fever or anything serious. In most cases, should the baby catch a fever during this time, it would most likely because of the usual factors and not because of teething.

Things you can do when your baby starts teething

One of the best practices you can adopt when your baby starts to teeth is to constantly wipe the face so that rash will not develop. This is to ensure that the drool are wiped away whenever it happens which are highly likely going to because your baby are still getting used to the new physical changes around the jaw. You can also let your baby chew on something like a wet washcloth that are frozen for about half an hour. This type of teething aid is useful because it is big enough and not swallowable. On top of that it does not break easily. The whole idea here is to keep your baby from biting itself and to allow them the indulgence of biting. If you want to rub your baby’s gum, make sure that your fingers are clean and do so gently.

Things to take note of

Once your baby’s teeth comes out, you will then be responsible to help keep them clean. The first few weeks will be when you should use a piece of soft cloth or gauze and gently brushes them. Otherwise you can use an infant-size toothbrush and brush them gently with water. You would know by now that toothpaste must not be used and could only be used when the kid is about 2 or 3 or when they are aware of spitting it out. Once they are old enough to brush, then you should practice brushing their teeth at least twice a day, particularly after each meal.



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