How to deal with Pre- Wedding Jitters?

Is there anything called pre-wedding jitters? The answer is yes. In fact, almost everyone who is about to get married gets them. So it is completely normal that you get the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling as the wedding day draws nearer.

So what do you do when you get ‘that’ feeling? First and foremost you must be aware that it is a very normal feeling because this is where you will be entering a totally new phase where you will spend the rest of your life with someone. You will eat, sleep, go out, watch television, shop and everything else together. You will be coming out of your comfort zone of being under the umbrella of your parents and probably become parents yourself in due time.

Therefore, it would not be normal if you do not have that feeling because you are practically entering into the unknown. Take note that pre-wedding jitters should not be confused with whether you are marrying the right person because by now, the answer is clear and your partner is the one you want to marry. Otherwise, you would not have reached this point.

Most pre-wedding jitters happen because you are nervous about what is about to take place. If you are mentally strong, then it would just be a matter of turning your anxiety into something more positive but if you are not, then it would surely help if you can talk to someone who has gone through this before. A sibling or a friend would suffice because they would have felt the same way before and had already overcome the problem.

The biggest hurdle that you might face is to be wary that things might go wrong. So you have to learn to trust someone who will take care of everything, like the wedding planner. Remember, it is not whether you are doing the right thing anymore, but at this point, you are just nervous about the big day, it is a perfectly normal feeling.


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