How to buy a computer?

While most of us are technology savvy in today’s fast moving world, there are many who would like to buy a computer but does not know where to start. Buying a computer today is very different as compared to some 10 years ago.

This is because a decade back, buying a computer (or Personal Computer @ PC) would require some basic knowledge. You would then need to know what is Intel Pentium, what is RAM and hard disk as you need to know what specifications your computer would come with. This will then determine the cost of the machine.

Today, the situation is way different. The computer is no longer a technology product. In fact, it is a machine that almost everyone would need because people are a lot more connected through social media and the internet which makes it an important part of life.

By default, buying a computer will allow you to connect to the internet. There are practically NO computers sold in the market today which is not internet-ready. All the brands like HP, Dell or Lenovo have designed computers that are easy to use and install.

For convenience, the best option is to buy a PC from Dell as they provide delivery services to your doorstep. Furthermore, Dell is known to provide very good customer technical support. If you are new to buying PCs, then Dell would be an ideal option as they come with good warranty as well as customer support which are on standby whenever you call.

When buying a printer, you have a lot of alternative options. Printers are more affordable today but it is always the maintenance that makes it costly. Printer companies like Epson, Canon and HP sell cheap printers while their ink cartridges could be hefty in a long run.

Therefore, you can always opt to use compatible ink. This is where there are manufacturers who help you to save cost by offering compatible ink cartridges for your printers. The quality of the ink offered by these manufacturers today are very good and you will surely enjoy better quality print outs.


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