How to avoid wasting money without realizing it

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Financial freedom can be quite a myth if you are not careful with your money. If you are a person who wants to be financially stable, then you will surely have investments, savings and such all meant for the future. However, if you are not careful or articulate enough, you might actually be wasting money without even realizing it. Below are some of the ways it happen.

Home Repairs must be attended to ASAP

Owning a home is easy, maintaining one is very hard. Make sure that leakages are patched as soon as possible. Air conditioning should only be used in air-tight rooms. Always look for ways to improve your home so that there are no unnecessary wastage of energy, water and such.

Food control

This is surely easier said and done but you must plan what you buy so that there is no food in your refrigerator that goes bad or pass their expiry dates.

Maximize your reward points

Whenever you spend using your credit or debit cards, there are reward points. Places like Jusco and petrol kiosks too allow you to collect points when dealing with them. Make sure that you use them and do not let them expire without doing so.

Group Deals and Coupons

Buying things online is the in-thing now. There are many group deal sites that offer different types of deals and promotions. Groupon, Dealmates and Living Social are some of the more popular ones. Check them out and you could be saving more money on holidays, gadgets and meals.

Telephone bills

As smartphone takes on the world, lesser people are using home phones. Perhaps it is time to disconnect what is known as ‘land lines’ and depend on your mobile network. Furthermore, internet service providers like TM Unifi comes with a free home-based telephone.

On this note, if you are using smartphones, ensure that you are not paying more for data than you actually use. If that is the case, then tone down to a cheaper plan.

Negotiate for everything

Whether it is buying something or starting a new job, NEGOTIATE for a better price. Otherwise, you will be losing out on something that you don’t even know.

Promotional myths

Don’t believe everything the sales people tell you. If you are buying a TV for RM500 and the salesperson tells you that for RM700 you get a newer model, remember your budget.

Saving money – Don’t overdo it

Saving money is not merely keeping cash in the bank and cutting corners. Many people avoid going for checkups at the dentist as they want to save money. But if they neglect the tooth decay for too long, they might end up having to pay a lump sum for a bigger surgery.

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