How moms can save time

How moms save time

It will not come as a surprise to see moms that are overwhelmed with the fact that they try to fit everything from their work and home life into their hectic schedule. Not many people can accomplish this and for those that can it is very rewarding. On top of the responsibilities that were mentioned earlier they will also need to take care of the grocery, the cleaning and washing, emergencies especially when the child falls ill and the list just goes on. It might seem like the task and chores never ends and it is impossible to get everything done while keeping themselves sane. Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you along the way, these are common sense ideas and not magical spells that will save you time as well as getting those tasks accomplished.

The thing that you may want to consider first is to make a list of tasks that you want completed. After that examine the list that you have created and see which of the chores can be eliminate altogether and if that is not possible see if it can be simplified. For example, do you need to drive your children and all of their friends to the football field for practice when the field is just down the road? They may need supervision when it comes to road crossing but the whole process of fetching them to the field is just a waste of time when you can utilize it for something that is much more useful.

After that consider some of the tasks that will take up most of your time and then consider if you would feel comfortable letting some else run the tasks for you. You can always ask the children to walk the dog, however if they are too young to carry out the task, the other option is to hire a dog walker so that the dogs can get their daily exercise. Another thing that you can do is to get the errand services to help you run the errands as they will save you a great deal amount of time. They will do anything from picking up the dry cleaning to collecting the grocery. Finally, you can also opt for maid services to come in once a week to do some heavy duty cleaning around the house.

Cooking is also another task that will take up a lot of time, there is no need for you to call for take out or pizza delivery and you can also stop cooking the entire dinner from scratch every night. What you can do to simplify matters as well as save time is to pick a free weekend, so that you will be able to cook enough food that will last the family for a couple of weeks. You can freeze the food in dinner size portion and it is a simple matter of reheating the food when it is time for dinner.

Flexibility is a luxury for moms that work from home can afford as compared to the mother who do not. However if you become overwhelmed with the job that you are trying to accomplish, let yourself take a break so that you will have the energy to catch up. If you still have trouble, consider a temporary helper that can watch the children and do some basic household chores while you work.

Our children are our priority and we will basically do anything for them and this includes drop everything that we are doing so that we can help them complete their last minute assignments. The remedy for this is to make sure that in the first place they do not foster the bad habit of procrastinating and this has to be instilled in them since young. As parents you have to make sure that they do their work once they have been assigned to it and not wait until it is due the next day and staying up all night just to complete it.



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