How financially viable it is to use child care services?

Using childcare services is one option that many parents will take if they are both working. Having a maid at home might help but it might not be the ultimate answer. This will ensure that they get the peace of mind of having someone take care of the child during the day (or for days).

Is child care the answer?

One of the most important factors that need careful consideration is finding quality ones. Generally, there are many types of childcare services. This is where you need to think about whether you are looking for:

  1. Daycare centers – those that you send your child on a daily basis. You send your child in the morning and pick them up in the evenings. Convenient for working parents
  2. Nanny care – Usually done by home mothers who have limited allocations. These are mostly quality centres who have very personalized services. However, they might be costlier than others. In most cases, these centers accept children on a mid-term basis. You could send your child there for the duration of the weekdays

What are the costs like?

At daycare centers, this could cost you somewhere between RM800 to RM1500 per month. It is definitely a cheaper option as compared to sending your child to a nanny. As you will be sending your child there and back, the center is always open. Your child will grow up with other kids which gives them a chance to socialize.
The flipside of this however is that you might not get very personalized attention as the staff are taking care of a group of kids at any given time. The centres are mostly closed on holidays which mean that you might have to make special arrangements.

Nanny centers

One of the best options is to send your child to a nanny if you are really busy with your schedule. This is where your child will spend days (usually the weekdays) at the center. The cost is surely more expensive which could be around RM1500 to RM3000 depending on location and service.

What your child gets here is a more homely environment. You will surely get personalized attention and your child will enjoy a more family-oriented place. In most cases, it makes it more convenient for you only need to send your child once every week. The only flipside to this is that it is very costly. Some parents might not like the idea of having their child spending more time with others than themselves.


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