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Top family events in Malaysia

In Malaysia, family values are very prominent. Much like any other Asian countries, family ties bring a lot of importance and meaning. There are events in Malaysia which could are catered for families of different sizes. What do we mean Family Events? When a family event is mentioned, it means that there are some of… Read more »

Top Family Beach Resorts in Malaysia

Planning a family holiday to a beach resort? With so many options to choose from, it is quite difficult to decide especially if you don’t want to end up being frustrated since you are bringing the kids. Hence, we have put up the list for you. Criteria for choosing the best family beach resort What… Read more »

Malaysia Family court, family abuse, family law

As a family in Malaysia, you are under certain statutory and legal boundaries. This means that there are regulations when it comes to getting married, having children, divorce and other matters that influence the family in general. Malaysia’s Family Law The law in Malaysia for families are quite similar to most countries. This is where… Read more »

Top Family Adventure Holidays Malaysia

The common perception when it comes to family holidays is to head to a resort or luxurious hotel by the seaside. Taking a family to an adventurous holiday could be a challenge as there might not be something for everyone. But if you know where to go, this could be quite an exciting journey. Push… Read more »

6 ways to keep a good maid

Malaysian maid

It is a challenge for any employer to find and keep a good maid. Frequent changes are both costly and inconvenient, as you would have to start retraining the new maids. For very young children, it can be traumatic to keep readjusting to a new face each time. Their stress will be compounded if the… Read more »

Top Uses for Orange Peels

malaysia orange peel

Citrus fruits like oranges have high contents of vitamins. Its antioxidants keep your cells fresh and strong while helps your body to fight off the negative effects of free radicals. They can be made into juice and even helps to radiate the skin. But did you know that the orange peel can be used in… Read more »