Home Gardening Tips

Having a small garden in the home is always a good thing. It is actually a healthy practice that is beneficial for health (and your wallet too!).

Do you really need a garden?

Of course, you need a garden! Whether you are living in a landed property or in a high rise condominium, nothing should deter you from having a home garden because it is now easier with the latest products and equipment. How and where should you start?

Get started somewhere

The common misconception about home gardening is most people think that having a home garden means you need to have a plot of land. A container garden will be a good way to start. You can do this by using a window or just in the backyard of the home. Start small and then grow in size as you move along.

Get the ecosystem right

Whether it is a container garden or you have a plot of land, ensure that you have a good drainage system. The soil is very important too. One of the best ways to start with this is to have a good composting system. Eggshells and fruit cores are great options.

Get enough sunlight

When you buy plants, check if they are shade plants or those that need a lot of sunlight. This will have a lot of significance in where your garden is going to be. If you are starting with a container garden, put them on a movable trolley so that you can move it towards the sunlight as and when you need to.

Know which plants to start with

The easiest way to start is to look for plants that are easy to grow. In tropical countries like Malaysia, the Amaranth (or Banyan), Chives, Pak Choi, Okra and eggplant are among those that are known to be easy to grow. Very minimal maintenance needed and it works wonders for your motivation to grow your garden.

Tips on watering your plants

Obviously, watering your plants is one of the most important things you must do. Keeping them well watered will keep them alive and well. But when you do that:

  • Keep your plants hydrated in the morning
  • Water the plants at the soil
  • Avoid watering the leaves. This can lead to mold and then causing the plant to get sick (yes, they do)
  • As the plant is sprouting, keep the water level about an inch per day
  • Water your plants at least once a day, but not more than that




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