Heavy metals in your diet and even vitamins

You are what you eat. If you are not aware and careful about your own consumption, chances are you are actually taking in a lot of harmful materials.

Dangers of heavy metals

In a recent study, it was found that heavy metals are found not only in foods but in dietary supplements! Imagine that!

So, where are they and how would we know?

In the research, it was concluded that a lot of foods and items consumed do have harmful heavy metals. This includes:

  • Zeolites
  • Shilajit
  • certain detox products
  • Calcium pills that are unreasonably cheap
  • China-made rice protein

So, what does this mean? In zeolites, you will find a lot of lead and aluminium, both of which are known to cause blood cancer. On the other hand, shilajit has been found to contain copper, aluminium, nickel and arsenic. Some has even claimed that they are in white rice which is why you are always encouraged to take brown organic rice instead.

If you buy harsh detox products, you might just be consuming ingredients that have side effects while the cheaper calcium pills are made with calcium that are not organically produced and a load of lead too. If you want to consume cadmium, lead, tungsten and mercury, then rice protein from China is your best bet.

Don’t we need metals in your diet?

The answer is yes but very minimal. In fact, you only need like a micro level of metals like cadmium and such. You might find that a lot of seafood sold come with such harmful metals. Some food producers even claim that these ingredients were naturally occurred. Do not be conned!

So, if you come across claims that they do not count, then the case of toxic arsenic well concept in Southeast Asia would be your best defence. Read the labels properly and find out what you need to know. When heavy metals exist in your vitamins, something is very wrong with the product!


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