Health hazards in your home you never knew

Health hazards in your home you never knew

It can be quite a surprise if you realize that there are many health hazards in your home that you never knew existed. If not careful, you might run into health-problems as we are usually very much exposed to these objects in our everyday lives. Health hazards are evident everywhere in the home, from the bedroom to the kitchen, living room and even the bathroom.
Hence you need to be alarmed and cautious not to indulge too much while not cutting too many corners when it comes to buying household products.

Below are the top 5 items in your home to be careful about.

keep Carpet Clean

An extremely common object which everyone likes as they are decorative and makes the living room a lot more homely, carpets can be very dangerous items. Rugs are used in bathrooms while the kids’ room might get a carpet or two as well. Be careful that fungus and mold developing underneath. If you do not clean the rugs regularly, even the dry areas would be infected. To keep your carpets fungus-free, the best way is to get the cleaners to do it or you could steam-clean it with alcohol or vinegar and other cleaning agents.

Natural and Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

You must probably be wondering how a hygienic product could be hazardous at this point. Toothpaste which is not organic or herb-based would include some artificial sweeteners to help keep the teeth white. This was found by the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia that most toothpaste manufactured by the major corporations contain abrasives like hydrated silica and sodium fluoride which have been linked with health-problems like cancer and such. The rule of thumb is to use all-natural and fluoride-free toothpastes.

Water filters

This is a situation where many families failed to monitor. Instead of drinking from bottled water each day, you have changed to the permanent water filter solution which is more cost-effective in a long run. However, this means that there must be considerable amount of maintenance time put in. You must change the filter regularly. A lot of families put it off until the water turns yellowish which would be too late by then as they have already drank contaminated water for some time then.

Air freshener

To keep your home clean and smelling good at all times, you might use an air freshener. Most of these items come with refills where you must use only that which are designated for the device. If you open the refills too early, the air freshener could cause some oily residue on your skin which could result in bad skin reactions. Over-exposure to this would eventually give you dermatitis, which would be extremely complicated.

Microwaving plastic

Do not believe plastics that states ‘Safe for Microwave’. While they are fine to be used, it would deplete the nutritional value of the food. Too much food consume after microwaving could cause you to be sick as you are eating but not absorbing any nutrition. The best thing you can do is to stop using plastic in microwave and use glass or ceramic instead.

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