Have your say in the new ‘What Men Want’ series.

What Men Want series

A new reality show entitled ‘What Men Want’ will be aired on Malaysian television soon. It is a 13 e episode show which seeks to differ slightly from the recent ‘What Women Want’ series where according to the producers, this is not a reality competition. It involves the lives of 6 men with different characters and will show and tell what they want from life.

Tan Yin Yin, the producer of the series said that there are many situations where men who want something so badly that when they are actually close to achieving it realized that it was not what they wanted. The audiences will be engaged in the show and it would not be so focused on the relationships issue only as it would include other related issues as well.

Planning for the series took 4 years of planning that included revisions and fine-tuning as they wanted to maintain its relevance for today’s viewers. The fact that they will be able to derive different point of views in what men want provides a very interesting option for the development of the new series. It will be a great avenue for men to speak and tell the viewers what they want and to interact where the audience will be able to observe the participants in their surroundings.The objective would be to find and discover the real answers as to ‘What Men Want’ in real life. The 6 men will be staying in a penthouse apartment and was shot in 3 months where they were ‘spotted’ by the team and once they have been determined, the lives of the 6 men were shot by the camera crews and some hidden cameras. Veteran actress and host Deanna Yusoff is the host of the show and it would give a true account of the hard and soft side of Malaysian men, so stay tuned.


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