Hair care myths that you thought were true

Hair care myths

Myths exist just about anywhere, whether we are talking about the myths if Greek and Norse goods to even more urban myths. They exist practically just about anywhere, nothing is left out from the grasp of myths and this includes hair care. The objective of this article is to play myth busters so that some of the myths about hair care can be debunked once and for all. The reason for this is because sometimes people just hear something and automatically presume it to be true, when in actual fact it is just some story concocted by someone who had nothing better else to do. So we will examine some of the hair care myths and see the reality behind, as well as for you to get that great looking hair without these myths getting in the way.

Wash your hair too many times and it will start to fall off

The first one that we will look at is that some people think excessive washing of hair can cause you to loss hair or make it dry. This is a false perception as the frequency of washing the hair will not harm it. You can wash your hair as many times as you like, but experts recommend that three times a week should be fine. In fact if you choose the right type of shampoo for your hair not only will you keep it healthy but you will also add beauty, moisture and body to your hair.

Conditioners are not the magical serum that you thought it was

Due to aggressive advertising by shampoo companies, this has unfortunately resulted in many of the consumers believing that conditioners can help repair split ends. The operative word that is being used by the companies is repair and this can be considered as false advertisement as no conditioner can repair the damaged hair. The conditioners are actually making the hair look as if it is in better condition by smoothing down the cuticles. However if you are in the market in search of conditioners, then you should look for the ones that are able to prevent the damages from happening in the first place.

Damp areas may cause fungal growth but not your hair

Scalp fungus is caused when you sleep with wet hair is a misconception that many people believe in. Fungal or scalp diseases can only happen when the person made contact with an infected source such as animals, humans or even tainted hair care tools. Usually you will find scalp fungus amongst children; they are mainly affected by this as their immune systems are not strong enough making them more susceptible to the skin infections. However it is still best recommended that you do not sleep with your hair dripping wet, dry it first.

Sharing is caring but never your brush or combs

This brings us to another point which is that sharing of the brushes and combs can help spread scalp diseases. This is in fact true, so you should be careful about sharing your brushes, combs or other hair care tools with anyone. This is because lice and other forms of parasites can be easily transported through these means.

Color your hair and watch it dry off but it will not fall off

While most of the hair coloring products that are currently available in the market contain some form of chemical that can cause serious damage to your hair, they are not the cause of your hair loss problem. So it is false to think that the coloring of your hair will make you loss your hair, they however will make it dry and frizzy.

Blame the sun for everything

Another misconception about hair loss is that over exposure to the sun is the cause of hair loss. In fact you hair actually acts as a shield against the harsh elements of the sun besides hair loss appears at the follicle level. This means that the sun would have to penetrate into that level for it to do the kind of damage.

Take it slow why always go for the blow dryer

Again on the topic of heat, we will now look at blow drying and how some people think that it is the reason for hair loss. Blow drying does not cause the hair to fall off, what blow drying can actually do is, it will burn, damage, or dry the hair to the point that it will fall off. They will immediately grow back but currently there have been no evidence that links permanent hair loss with that of blow drying. But like with all things in life it is best recommended that you do not go overboard.

Stress and what it can do your body or at least your hair

Now that we are done with the misconceptions as what causes hair loss, let’s now look at the real reasons as why this happens. Believe it or not but stress can cause you to loss your hair, severe stress such as a death in a family or financial problems can actually cause the production of the hair to shut down. This however is not a permanent condition and it is temporary, once the scalp recuperates the hair will grow back.

Keeping it healthy with a well balanced diet

The food that you consume will also have an affect on the health of you hair, in fact eating a healthy diet not only will keep your hair looking great but it will also affect the your general well being. While no individual food has yet to be proven to be detrimental or beneficial to the health of the hair, an overall well balanced diet is still required.

Maybe its time for a reality check and a different style

For women that love to wear tight buns, braids or ponytails, it is best that you consider another form of hairstyle. Traction alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss and is a result from wearing the tight buns, ponytails, and cornrow for an extended period of time. As a result this will cause hair breakage or hair loss due to the stress that you have put the hair through and it could even become permanent. Try to avoid scalp tension by choosing a hair style that would not put so much strain on the scalps.

Less is more and this goes for your shampoo

People usually have this misconception that the more you use a certain product, the better or faster the result will be whether it is medication or rather in this case shampoo. If you think that using more shampoo will make your hair cleaner than you are wrong, in fact you are wasting the shampoo and your own money. When you pour the shampoo onto your palms, a coin sized dollop of the shampoo should be sufficient for long hair. You may need a little more for longer hair but that is just it, you do not have to pour the shampoo until it is overflowing before you use it.

Why not use the time to do something more productive

Brushing your 100 stokes per day can help you to get your hair to grow back. Not only is this not true but it also not recommended that you do this because you can actually damage your cuticles from that excessive amount of brushing. Brushing will also cause hair breakage and split ends, in fact you are better off with a comb than a brush as your hair will react better to it.

Everything takes time so be patient

This is one of the most common perception that most people think is true; cutting your hair will make it grow faster and/or thicker. It is actually an optical illusion as the hair is thicker at the base as compared to the tip. So when you cut your hair short it will appear to be thicker at first. This means that cutting your hair will not affect the biologically determined rate or even the overall texture of the hair, so don’t expect limp, thin or fine hair to grow thicker when you go to the saloon to get a haircut. What you can do to achieve look is to try to use volume enhancing hair care products or you could even experiment with other forms of haircuts, color treatments, or perms to get that specific look.

They sell it at a ridiculously high price for a reason

The thinking that saloon products are almost the same as drugstore products is a highly debated topic. While there are some exceptions, most of the salon products will contain higher quality and not forgetting more expensive ingredients. They are specifically designed this way to provide results that are more intensive in terms of cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing. So this means that the quality ingredients that are found in the salon products will not be found in the drugstore brands. However if you still have doubt about this you can always read the label to confirm your doubts.

You can be excused if you don’t know this but get real about the health problems

Recent studies have shown that smokers are four times more likely to have grey hair as compared to the non-smokers. That’s not all; the research has also shown that smoking can cause hair loss. So if you are the type that are into grey hair that falls off easily then by all means continue smoking we should also not forget about the health problems that go along with smoking.



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