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Great Eastern Life is one of the most renowned names in the insurance sector of the region. It is the earliest life insurance company to establish in Malaysia where it began operations back in 1908.

Products and Services by Great Eastern Life

Generally, Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia offers coverage and protection in known areas such as life and health insurance. With a long history and track record of offering effective and relevant products, Great Eastern continues to provide insurance packages to suit its customers in the changing lifestyles and communities. Packages are offered in various forms for both individuals and businesses alike.

Health and Life Insurance

Catered for individuals and families, packages here are among the most popular ones offered by Great Eastern Life.

  • Great Early Cancer Care – This plan provides coverage for protection against cancer from early to advanced stages.
  • Great Medic Xtra + Great Extender – This is a health insurance package that helps to cover healthcare expenses up to the age of 99.
  • Great Critical Care Direct –  A comprehensive coverage plan the covers critical illnesses.
  • Great Health Direct – An affordable plan that comes with comprehensive benefits for health and medical treatment.
  • Smart Baby Shield – Protection that starts from pregnancy until early childhood with hospitalization cash benefits.
  • Smart Early Payout CriticalCare – This is a unique plan that protects the policyholder from critical illnesses.
  • Smart Extender – Add-on for a conventional medical plan with no lifetime limit.
  • Smart Extender Max – This plan comes with more annual limits and protection up to 99 years old.
  • SmartMedic – A standard medical health plan that comes with high annual limits.
  • SmartMedic Enhancer – This is an add-on plan for SmartMedic that comes with more benefits and coverage.
  • SmartMedic Million – The plan with protection up to 100 years old.
  • SmartMedic Xtra – This package has no overall lifetime limit which is affordable.
  • Smart Multi Critical Care – Comes with protection for up to 180 known health problems and conditions. It also comes with more coverage against terminal diseases like stroke and cancer.
  • Great 110 Legacy  – This is a unique plan that provides more protection against death or total and permanent disabilities.
  • Great Early VantageCare 2 – Comes with death or TBD benefits with protection against a wide range of critical illnesses.
  • Great Love4u – This is an affordable plan that is designed for convenience with no medical underwriting.
  • Great MaxiProtector – Coverage against total and permanent disability with more protection.
  • Great Term Direct – Term life insurance that comes with death benefits and other protection.
  • Great VantageCare 2 – Provides support for critical illnesses, death and TBD.
  • SmartProtect Essential – An affordable plan which can be catered and customized for every need.
  • SmartProtect Junior – This plan is catered for protection and coverage for children in securing a stable future.
  • SmartProtect Legacy Max – This is a flexible and convenient plan for the long term.
  • SmartProtect Sure – This protection plan can be the safety net of the future.
  • SmartProtect Wealth 20 – Protection for 20 years against death or TBD and other unwanted incidents.

Protection from Personal Accidents

Plans and packages catered to offer more protection and coverage for the policyholders for financial continuity and stability when unfortunate incidents occur.

  • GreatShield Active – This plan comes with protection of up to 100 for those with an active lifestyle.
  • Platinum PA – A personal accident plan that comes with comprehensive coverage.
  • Lady Protector – designed for females, this plan provides protection against the likes of sexual harassment and snatch theft.
  • MOS Shield – A specialized plan that covers death due to mosquito-related conditions like Malaria, Dengue Fever and Zika Virus.
  • Easi Shield – A unique package for protection including Death or TBD due to terrorism-related incidents (eg: nuclear and biochemical attacks), among others.
  • Easi-Protector – Comes with double indemnity and weekly benefits.
  • Family Protector – This plan provides coverage for the entire family that includes payment of vehicle loans and subsidies.
  • Junior Protector – A plan designed for children that comes with medical treatments and rewards for good academic achievements.
  • Classic PA – The standard PA plan to protect against unfortunate events.

Investment and Other Plans

Packages and products that help to secure better futures and to help individuals and policyholders get more returns from their money while enjoying the peace of mind.

  • Great Flexi Plus – This limited premium term package helps to save and invest with a guaranteed cash payment for the future.
  • Great Flexi Wealth – This package is a short-commitment package that comes with better returns.
  • Great Premier Wealth 3 – For those looking for a short-term commitment and better cash bonuses.
  • Great Wealth Accumulator 3 – This plan helps those starting out for a more secure financial future.
  • SmartInvest Growth – An investment-linked plan that comes with added protection.
  • SmartInvest Premier – A package that helps to stretch the investment with coverage and protection for the policyholder.
  • Motor Insurance – Standard insurance for vehicles that include third party loss or injury, among others.
  • Easi-Drive 2 – Coverage for the driver and passengers that include cash allowance for hospitalization and treatment.
  • Travel For More – A travel insurance plan that provides coverage for medical and others.
  • Great Voyager – Protection for travelers against accidental death, permanent disablement and medical services.
  • Great Shield Home – Protection for the home.
  • Easi-Home – Protects the home against natural disasters, damages and theft.
  • Houseowner / Household Insurance – A policy that protects any damages or losses due to fire or other incidents.
  • Easi-Golf – A plan catered for avid golfers.

For Businesses and Corporations

  • Easi-Biz – Protection for business operation needs like machines and inventory.
  • Marine Cargo
  • SMI Protector
  • Easi Health-SME
  • Condo Insurance
  • Foreign Worker Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme (SKHPPA)
  • Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme (GMBIS)
  • Great BizCare (GBC)


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