Grab and uber taking over public transport by storm after 2016

If you have been dreading the traffic jams and was overjoyed with the introduction of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, then there are better times ahead.

Grab anywhere and everywhere

In the last few years, Malaysia has been experiencing a lot of major changes when it comes to public transportation. The LRT came and went which did not change much for Malaysians who continued to buy cars for almost every member of the family.

Major paradigm shift in public transportation

Uber has become a household name across the world. It has changed how people move about and could even affect the logistics and courier services. In Malaysia, Grab has been making inroads and this has up the competition for Uber and other ride-sharing apps.

So, what is so good about Uber and Grab

Some would tell you that Grab is a Malaysian-born company, so you should use them more. Support Malaysia it seems. But whether it is Grab or Uber, it would be a lot more different after 2016. This is because the mega-project MRT is scheduled to be fully operational in 2017.
Once that happens, more people will surely be taking Grab or Uber to the stations. One former CEO of a telco company said that he drives for Uber for the fun of it and realized how taxis are waiting for customers while he has already ferried 3 customers through his Uber app around the same location.
Grab drivers are even taking Grab rides when they are going to malls for their personal reasons. When they do this, they save on petrol and parking rates. Brilliant!

Works for everyone

The good thing is, this works for everyone.

  • For corporations: using Uber for travelling to meetings and such have become a norm. They can charge it to their credit cards which mean no cash is involved. It can be easily consolidated and no disputes could arise.
  • For groups: You get to choose which type of vehicle to ride in. If you are on your own, you could get a standard vehicle while larger groups can opt for XL sizes.
  • Fast and efficient: Waiting time is quite fast and you can wait anywhere you like whether it is a shopping mall or a house, just drop a pin, and you are ready to go!




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