Google Goggles makes travelling and visual search possible

One of the latest craze which has been hitting the mobile apps industry in recent months is Google Goggles. Basically it is a whole new way of searching for information where instead of using keywords, which you have been so accustomed to for almost 2 decades now, it uses modern technology to ‘visually’ search for something.

This is basically an image recognition application and is designed by who else but Google, the largest search engine in the world. Available in both iOS and Android (obviously), Google Goggles works in such a way that it activates your phone on your smartphone and helps you identify what is being seen through the lens of your smartphone.

For example if you are in Malacca and is looking at A’Famosa but cannot seemed to recall the structure’s name or history, just activate Google Goggles, point your phone towards the structure and it will carry out the search for you and tell you what is it, where it originated from and any other related stories.

However, Google Goggles do not only apply to structures and buildings. Depending where you are, you can use the camera to point onto a product barcode and Google will search for information about that particular product for you. This means that you can now go shopping in the supermarket and if you see a product you wish to buy but is not sure if it is good for you or serves its purpose, you can scan it and Google will connect you through reviews and other information related to the item.

Apart from that, it is designed to read other items as well. You can use it to recognize and scan printed text or even translate it into another language. Surely with all the products and services that Google is providing through its divisions like Google Translate, Google Maps and others, Google Goggles is set to give you even more functions in the near future.

In fact, it would change the way we view things and surely contribute to the tourism industry. That is probably why the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most renowned art museums in the world today has announced that it will be working with Google to use Goggles in providing information about the exhibits in its museum where viewers can now directly point to the artworks and be linked to the website for more information.


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