Google Glass will change the way we live forever

You would most likely have heard about the whole buzz about Google Glasses by now. So what is it that makes this technology breakthrough such a big deal? To understand what it is, you must first know what it can do.

Changes the way you see things

Basically, the Google Glass is a device that functions like a pair of spectacles. It is strapped to your face like one and allow you to be connected at all times.
In simple terms, it is your new tech gadget that allows you to see things through Google’s eyes. Using Augmented Reality, Google (the manufacturer) has successful implemented this technology seamlessly and installed them into a glass that you will looking through as long as your eyes are opened.

What you get with Google Glass?

With Google Glass, you are basically looking at your phone through your eyes. Among the cool features you can expect include:

  • Time and weather – Among the things that the Google Glass can do when you are not surfing or anything is to constantly display the time. Weather information can displayed too.
  • Photos and videos – As it is connected to your voice for instructions, you can say ‘take picture’ and whatever is in the picture frame will be captured. This is applicable to videos as well.
  • Share on social media – Google Glass connects you to the web through your Google account. You can share anything you captured almost instantly onto social media.
  • Directions – You can now view directions through Google Glass as the map and earth functions are embedded into this gadget.
  • Messages – What is a communication device without the ability to send messages? You can now speak and send messages directly through Glass. With this function, you can even invoke the Google Translate service.
  • Information – You can ‘search’ (Google) for information by asking questions through Google Glass. You can view flight information, location information and others here.

So what does all these mean?

Basically, once Google Glass become widely available, it will take over the world by storm. In saying this, we mean that Google Glass will revolutionize the way computing works. We no longer use keyboards and type in instructions. Instead, we use our voice to do the job.

While we are so used to typing in search to ‘Google something’, we now ‘tell’ Google what we are looking and the answers will be displayed. With this function, it means that there is a greater need to protect your personal data.
Ultimately, Google Glass will change the way we live. In the near future, people will be walking around with glasses and we cannot tell if they are prescriptive glasses or someone is actually scanning us, taking a photo of us and posting them onto Google+.

Is it available in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, there has been no announcements made that Google Glass will be made available in Malaysia. This however does not mean you cannot buy one from the US and bring it in. After all, using Google Glass is pretty much a phone in some way.
At the moment, users have already bought Google Glass and using them in Malaysia. Besides that, you can buy them online from the likes of or eBay where you could get it for about US1,200 or in that range.

Support or merchants

As Google Glass is currently not sold officially in Malaysia, it might be challenging to find any merchants who could provide any form of technical support. Hence, it might be quite risky to use it here.
If you decided to use it anyway, there are no privacy issues with this device as it functions very much like a mobile device.
Simply, life changing.


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