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Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad is one of the insurance companies in Malaysia with a history dating back to more than 60 years. Affiliated with the global insurer Prudential Financial Inc, Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad is partnered with Malaysia’s own Bank Simpanan Nasional or BSN. With a strong partnership and a combination of 2 major brands in this market, Gibraltar BSN Life has been offering some of the most effective products that protect and cover individuals and businesses in Malaysia in various segments and categories.

Health and Medical

Very crucial insurance packages that help to promote healthier living among individuals and family members and help to cover medical bills and treatments if required. Some are also designed to help the policyholders’ family members and loved ones from being burdened with financial commitments.

  • i-Med – This is an economical plan that comes with hassle-free and cashless admission when needed, providing a convenient avenue for claims and treatment.
  • Gibraltar BSN Medic & Medic Plus – A flexible medical plan that allows the policyholder to either pay upfront or let the company handle the admission procedures.
  • Gibraltar BSN Medicare – This plan comes with benefits for surgery and hospitalization and daily cash income.
    We’ll help reduce the burden of hospital expenses with daily cash income and surgical benefits.
  • IL Hospitalisation Income Benefit – A medical plan that comes with coverage for loss of income in cases of hospitalization.
  • Smart Health & Smart Health Plus – This plan comes with protection and coverage to foot the medical bills and expenses.
  • i-Protect & i-Protect Plus – Protects against critical illnesses and medical expenses in such events.
  • CI Intense Shield – Coverage for critical illnesses from 2 to 65 years of age that comes with lump-sum payout and treatment.
  • Gibraltar BSN Critical Care – This plan comes with protection and coverage of up to 36 types of critical illnesses.
  • Gibraltar BSN IL Living Extra (WOP) – Protection for the policyholder’s premium in event of critical illness.
  • Gibraltar BSN IL CI (Accelerated) – This plan helps to provide financial support for the policyholder in case of any critical illness.
  • Gibraltar BSN IL CI (Additional) – Protection from 2 weeks old to 65 years of age against critical illnesses with lump-sum payout.
  • Gibraltar BSN Protector Enhanced – A comprehensive plan with protection against critical illnesses.
  • Gibraltar BSN Living Extra (Premium Waiver) – A plan that helps to shoulder the premium payment in the event of a medical condition.
  • Lady Plus – This plan is designed for women as protection against known health problems.

Investments and Savings

The products in this category are designed and catered for individuals and families to save money for the later years.

  • GoProtect – This is an affordable all-in-one plan that provides the policyholder with savings, good returns and insurance coverage.
  • GoProtect Platinum – Comes with coverage increase at certain years of the policy, this plan gives a payout when diagnosed with high cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar.
  • i-Care – An affordable plan that helps to provide financial support for the family in the event that the policyholder is unable to provide financially.
  • Gibraltar BSN Asset Protector – This plan is designed to cover the assets and investments of the policyholder.
  • Gibraltar BSN Guaranteed Refund @ 85 – This plan comes with full payback upon maturity and up to 200% in case of death or Total or Permanent Disability.
  • Gibraltar BSN Keyman – This plan provides protection for the business in the event that of a loss of a key person in the company.
  • Gibraltar BSN Protector – This plan provides the protection in ensuring assistance for loved ones of the policyholder.

Protection and benefits

This category of products is catered to individuals who are seeking protection against accidents and unwanted events that might occur.

  • Gibraltar BSN PA – This plan is perfect for an active person who enjoys life and all the risks involved.
  • PA Cover+ – A plan for personal accidents that comes with bonuses in the event of no claims submitted.
  • Gibraltar BSN IL PA – Provides protection against personal accidents that comes with investments in this plan.
  • Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced – Protection for the policyholder with benefits for family members.
  • Guaranteed 3D Plan  – This plan comes with a full payback of the premium paid when mature. It covers critical illnesses, TBM or death.
  • Gibraltar BSN Payor Enhanced (Premium Waiver) – Protection for the policyholder and family members with a waiver for the premium features.
  • Gibraltar BSN Guaranteed Cash Plus – This plan comes with a regular income feature.
  • Gibraltar BSN Cash Star  – This is a plan that provides savings as well as protection and is a limited premium payment package.
  • Go LiveWell – A plan that helps the policyholder plan for life after retirement.

Business-related packages.

Gibraltar-BSN provides insurance packages for businesses and corporations in the following areas.

  • Group Term Life (GTL)  – A plan catered to protect employee’s family members should something unfortunate happen during work.
  • Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS)  – Covers medical expenses for employees of a company.


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