Getting your baby to sleep easily

A crying baby can be very distressing because it feels almost impossible to stop them. According to many reports, one of the most common reasons why your child cries in the middle of the night is mostly because their pacifiers dropped from their mouth or when they have problems like teething or fever.

Doing the familiar

After all, babies have been trained to sleep while sucking on the pacifier or something of that kind. As a parent, you might be looking at ways to stop this by removing the pacifier in stages so that your child is less dependent on items like this. In most cases, we try to do the familiar ways to help your baby get to sleep in the shortest time possible.
In what was seen as a totally unorthodox method, a mother tried the following:
Instead of putting one pacifier in the crib, she placed 10 all around it because the baby probably only needed a dummy pacifier to get back to sleep. This did not go well with many parenting fraternities but the mother claimed that it was more like the sight of having the pacifier around it that the baby could easily fall back to sleep.

Are there other ways?

There are of course many other methods to make babies go back to sleep. Here are some common methods which have been tried and tested:

  1. Consistency – Like adults, you can get your baby to sleep easier by going through a consistent bedtime. Music works at around a certain time of the evening. Start from a certain time before deciding on this. Once your baby calms down, then it becomes easy in the future
  2. Distractions – Many parents like to put plushies and soft toys around the crib. Bear in mind that such things could be distractions which could make it difficult for the baby to sleep.
  3. Time – You will surely need time for your baby to settle down before sleeping. Sometimes, we call it, finding the right ‘channel’ which is considered ‘safe’ and comfortable for sleeping. Your child will need time to get there too. So, give it time.
  4. Pacifiers – A lot of parenting forums will not encourage this mainly because it becomes some form of addiction for the child. But it might be the item that could at least start the cycle where you can then remove it in stages later. Different babies will react differently toe the pacifier but if it works, then it will work for you.
  5. Music – As mentioned, music might work but you would want to look for those that your baby will not sing along to. At this age, your baby might like the Barney or the Thomas, so using their music might not work for sleeping.


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