Gadgets to look out for this year (and can change your life forever)

The future is never far away. With Google Glass making its debut not too long ago, it seems that wearable devices could well be making way into our lives pretty soon. As we celebrate 2014, let’s take a while to look at what might just transpire this year in the gadgets world, apart from the standard mobile apps that we download to our smartphones and the outdated GPSes.

Oculus Rift

This is perhaps the most exciting Head-Mounted Display device to come out in recent years. If you are tired of the ‘near-reality’ experience on game consoles, the Oculus Rift is the one for you which lets you immerse and be ‘virtually’ in the game.

Phonebloks Modular Smartphone

Think mobile phone and LEGO. This gadget could mean that you will not need to throw your old phone anymore. It is made up of blocks that can be replaced or customized to your liking. Designed by Motorola, you can mix and match any part like the screen, battery, Bluetooth or any parts which is faulty like how you build LEGO blocks. Gadgets

This one takes the Google Glass another step further. Using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), it gives the gaming industry an entire new meaning because you can now use your brains to control the characters. Wearing the could be quite tedious although you do look like one of the characters in Star Trek (or any other Sci-fi movies). Neat!

Bendable Phones

This has been talked about for some time now and 2014 could well be the year that might see people rolling up their phones and no longer phobia to dropping them anymore. Many manufacturers have already given sneak peaks into their own versions of bendable phones and with competitive kicking up several notches in the last year, it might just be a case of who will come out with it first.


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