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May 3, 2011

Wat Dan Hor

The Wat Dan Hor is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in Malaysia. The name is actually a C...
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April 3, 2011

Easy Pizza for the kids to make

My 3 years old son is currently at the age that loves to explore, in other words, play! He does...
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April 4, 2004

Sambal Tumis Sotong

Ingredients 200 – 300g of fresh squid 1 clove of garlic 5 -10 dried chillies 1 teaspoon o...
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August 12, 2003

Indian Mee Goreng

Indian Mee Goreng – Recipe Ingredients 2 cloves of garlic that has been chopped 1 lb of ...
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July 4, 2002

Belly Beef with Fermented Bean Curd

Ingredients: 600g belly Beef with skin 500g (medium sized) taro (yam) Meat marinate: 3 cubes fe...
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