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Top Ramadhan bazaars

The Ramadhan month comes once every year and that is when you see a lot of these bazaars mushrooming around the Klang Valley. It is an interesting time because the Ramadhan bazaars are the places to go and is specifically packed around 6.00pm as Muslims are buying food to buka puasa. These are great places… Read more »

Top 6 organic food trends

malaysia organic label

Food consumption is constantly an issue in the world today with more and more concerns encircling around how they are produced and such. In fact, there have been a lot of concerns in recent years about the dangers of saturated fats and the fact that more and more people are eating food produced using this… Read more »

Yam Cake

Yam Cake – Recipe For the cake – 1 bowl of rice flour – 1½ bowl of yam, make sure to dice them into 1-2cm cubes – 2 bowls of water – ½ – ¾ bowl of dried shrimps – 2 tablespoons of wheat starch – ½ teaspoon of white pepper – 5 shallots, make… Read more »

The best Nasi Lemak around Town

Nasi Lemak is one of the most popular Malaysian dishes. It is loved by Malaysians from all walks of life and people from all backgrounds. As Malaysia is a country of many culture and races, there are many versions of Nasi Lemak that one could enjoy.

What is the ideal Malaysian diet?

There are so many types of food in Malaysia which is contributed by our rich and diverse multi-cultural backgrounds. With more than 28 million people in the country who comes from all walks of life, we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to food. In fact, we have a problem deciding what to… Read more »

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab is typically a dish that is common when one is dining at a seafood restaurant. It is one of the tastiest dishes for anyone who loves seafood where it is both a challenge as well as an achievement to enjoy. It is said that a seafood restaurant’s reputation often hinges on whether how… Read more »