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January 23, 2018

Are you ready for the new range of Roti Canai?

Having Roti Canai happens every day in Malaysia. More so if you are in urban cities like Kuala ...
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January 23, 2018

Top Roti Canai places in Klang Valley

It has already been said that the Roti Canai is a must-try food for anyone in Malaysia. It is a...
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June 22, 2015

Top Ramadhan bazaars

The Ramadhan month comes once every year and that is when you see a lot of these bazaars mushro...
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December 17, 2014

Top Malaysian Breakfast You Must Try

With so many choices, you can try one every day for the whole week.
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June 17, 2014

Top 6 organic food trends

Food consumption is constantly an issue in the world today with more and more concerns encircli...
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June 17, 2014

Don’t wash chicken before cooking, defrost it!

In one of the most startling revelations ever, it has been found that pre-packed chicken should...
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April 4, 2013

Yam Cake

Yam Cake – Recipe For the cake – 1 bowl of rice flour – 1½ bowl of yam, make ...
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March 29, 2013

The best Nasi Lemak around Town

Nasi Lemak is one of the most popular Malaysian dishes. It is loved by Malaysians from all walk...
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March 26, 2013

What is the ideal Malaysian diet?

There are so many types of food in Malaysia which is contributed by our rich and diverse multi-...
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January 3, 2013

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab is typically a dish that is common when one is dining at a seafood restaurant. It i...
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