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4 Types of Financial Apps You Must Have

malaysia financial apps

The working and corporate life is hectic and very busy. In trying to make ends meet, you often overspend or lose focus in your spending which can be very detrimental to your financial health. So to keep your finances in check, we find out the top 4 categories of mobile apps which can help you… Read more »

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Malaysia

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Making a choice on which insurance company to use can be challenging as you will actually be entering into a long-term investment. There are many insurance companies operating in Malaysia for the last few decades where they have a broad range of products and services tailored for the needs of Malaysians from all walks of… Read more »

How to avoid wasting money without realizing it

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Financial freedom can be quite a myth if you are not careful with your money. If you are a person who wants to be financially stable, then you will surely have investments, savings and such all meant for the future. However, if you are not careful or articulate enough, you might actually be wasting money… Read more »

What you need to know about credit cards?

Credit cards are basically a type of loan which are given out by banks or financial institutions to those who would like the convenience of not carrying cash. However, it has become a method of using money into the future which have caused debt problems for people today. This is because, unlike in the 1980s,… Read more »

What is Loan

What is Loan

Loan(pinjaman) refers to something that is borrowed especially money. In short, loan simply means debt. After a specific period of time, loan(pinjaman) requires redistribution of financial assets. The process of loaning begins when an individual or more commonly known as the borrower acquires an amount of money from lender/principal. Bear in mind that over time,… Read more »

List of Tax Reliefs in Malaysia

If you are not careful with all your finances, you might be paying more than you should in taxes. In Malaysia, the government provides various ways of tax reliefs which when calculated properly would constitute a substantial amount in your taxable income. It is therefore very important that you are aware of tax reliefs provided… Read more »

How to Submit E-Filling

Submitting your income tax can be quite a headache in the past especially when you have to compile all the required documents like receipts and claims. When it comes to the months of March and April, you will be scrambling for your documents and visiting the Inland Revenue Board to declare your tax. This has… Read more »

9 Financial Tips for Young Graduates

You recently finished your first degree and among the feelings that you have is that you are going out in the world and you feel as if you are ready to take it on. No matter what you do or plan to do, you must always bear in mind the importance of financial management because… Read more »