Face lift exercises that you can do at home that requires no surgery

Face lift exercises

Now you can maintain a vibrant and youthful appearance without having to go under the knife and going through all the pain, not to mention the risk that comes with it. You can achieve this by doing face lift exercises at the comfort of your own home. When your skin droops it is caused by sagging of the muscle due to aging which basically means that your facial muscles are connected to your skin. When this happens you need to uplift your skin and this can be done by firming and strengthening the muscles that are located in your facial area. It is important that you do these facial muscles as it will stimulate the blood circulation in your system, this will help you in relieving all that built up tension and also promoting a better complexion for your skin.

Moisturizing it important even when you are exercising

Before you start with your face lift exercise you will need to moisturize your face first. Wash the face with cold water and apply moisturizer onto your face, if you do not have that even petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute. You need to do this because when you are doing the face lift exercise you need to be careful as to cause your face to have any fine lines or cracking.

Target the areas that you see those lines and sagging

Now you can start with the face lift exercise. First you can start with the area around the eyes where the fines lines and crows feet are located. When you exercise around these areas you will be able to reduce the appearance of sagging and lines on the skin. What you do is keep your right eye open and close the one on the left and after that firmly and quickly blink your left eye one hundred times. However you have to make sure that when you are doing this particular exercise you have to make sure that you do not wrinkle the skin around the eye area as your objective is to strengthen the eyelid muscles without creating more wrinkles on your skin. Once you are done with your left eye, repeat the entire process all over again with your right eye. After that, close both of your eyes and raise the eyebrows but without making horizontal lines on your forehead and then tightly close your eyelids and hold them for 10 seconds and do this step for 10 times.

For the muscles that are located in the scalp, you can exercise them by lifting up your head. The objective of this particular face lift exercise is to uplift the upper portion of your face including the eyebrows. To target these areas what you need to do is to lift your eyebrows and pull back your ears and this can be easily accomplished to start with if you could move your ears. However if you are unsuccessful in doing this, it only means that you need to strengthen the muscles that are located in these areas. If you are experiencing this, then lie down on your back and try to move your ears while you are in this position. As you are doing this exercise you will feel the ears subtly touch the pillow and after a certain amount of time you will start to gain more control over these muscles. Take 10 minutes to do this particular exercise.

Now you can target the areas on your forehead, you can do this by first raising your eyebrows but make sure that you do not create wrinkles on your forehead. Your objective here is to reduce the lines and not create more on your skin. Do this for at least one hundred times. If you want to tone the areas around your cheek, try to pucker up your lips as if you were about to kiss someone. After that spread your lips back by making a smile and again do this particular exercise for about one hundred times. If you want to strengthen the muscles in your neck area, do this by sitting on a chair and lifting your head back. After that, touch the roof of your mouth firmly with your tongue. This exercise is done in order for you to firm the muscles located at the front of your neck. Remember to do this for one hundred times.



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