Top Extreme Ways to Save Petrol and your Budget

malaysia extreme fuel saving ways

You want to save fuel? Forget the air-cond for once!

No one can stop the rising price of fuel because it is a worldwide phenomenon. The thing is, while you cannot stop the price from going up, you surely can try to keep your car from consuming too much. You can read all about how to drive slower and use less petrol but nothing beats our extreme ways to reduce fuel consumption.

Car weight

The whole idea is to reduce your car weight because the heavier it is, the more fuel it needs. Below is the list of things you can get rid of.

  1. Spare Tyre – You will need help eventually if a puncture happens. Call the tow-trucks instead.
  2. Car seats – Use racing seats because they are lighter than the stock ones. If you drive a 7-seater, you get a lot more boot space if you remove the third row altogether.
  3. Boom-box – you do not need a disco in your car, start enjoying slow and peaceful music. Forget the subwoofer.
  4. Body kits – If you have modified your car’s outlook before, its time to change back to the stock design. Remove the spoiler, skirtings, body kit and anything else that adds to the drag.
  5. Side mirrors – This is the classic. They stand out like sore thumbs and causes disruption to your aerobynamics
  6. Wipers – Again, anything protruding out will disrupt the aerodynamics. So remove them. Use the rain fluids that reduces the need to use wipers like Rain-Z, Rain-X, Rain-W and all that.

Systems that use up fuel


Go old school and remove the air-cond. Yes, it sounds radical but it works. The AC uses up the most fuel.

Automatic Gearbox

This is a no-brainer. Automatic cars use more fuel as compared to manual cars. You got your license the manual way, so you should just drive manual cars.

Learn How to use Brakes

Never compromise on safety but you should try to use your brake less and go for the coasting style of driving. If you can, you should learn to use the manual gears to help you slow down and then come to a complete stop eventually.


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