Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue? Here are some solutions to overcome it

For those that have experienced pregnancy before, then you should know that one of the most common complaints about it is fatigue. This is because at the stage your body is working overtime and you will find yourself very exhausted even after a normal day. Some will feel surprised at how constantly tired they are, however you should not have to worry as this is a normal stage that most people experiencing pregnancy will go through. When you think about it your body acts like a life support system for the baby that is basically supplying the baby with everything that they would need to develop healthily. What your child is doing in there is a complete mystery to you and there will be no visible symptoms except for the sheer exhaustion you will endure that will basically have you sleeping anytime you just sit still. You do not have to succumb to the fatigue due to your pregnancy as there are some steps that you can take to make yourself fell better as well as keeping your body moving at a pace that would be deemed normal. So if you are tired of getting tired then just follow these simple steps to overcome it.

Schedule some quality time for yourself

The first that you may want to consider doing is to reschedule your evenings so that you do not have to do any unessential activities in the evenings. Get off your feet and do something that is relaxing for you such as reading or watching the television. Ask the other family members be it your spouse or your older children to help with the other chores that you would normally do in the evenings such as doing the laundry or washing the dishes. Try to keep to the list of things that you need to do to a minimum during the evenings so that you will have time to unwind and rest before you go off to bed. You should listen to your body as this is a sign that you are not getting the amount of rest that your body requires.

But try not to over do it

The next thing that you can try doing is to get a little bit more sleep at night, while it was mentioned to relax in the earlier paragraph by watching television or reading your favourite book. Try not to do it until late at night, again enlist the help from your family members. Ask them to help you prepare the breakfast so that you could sleep later in the mornings. Every minute that you spend sleeping will be very beneficial for you and you will be surprised at how those extra minute will help you feel great throughout the rest of the day. You will be able to manage your pregnancy fatigue much better if you are able to go to bed half an hour earlier.

Your diet may need changing

Now that you have better control over your sleeping pattern but you still feel exhausted, maybe it is time to check your food intake. You may experience pregnancy fatigue due to the lack of iron in your system or the deficiency of other essential nutrients that your body needs in order for it to function properly. Try to avoid sugary food like candy bars and instead stock up on fruits and vegetables. This is because when you consume sugary products the sugar buzz will not last long and instead your sugar level will plummet, this will result in you becoming more exhausted than you were before. Correct the pattern by eating at regular intervals and make sure that you have a balanced diet.

The one thing that most of us are guilty of avoiding

One of the most effective ways to overcome pregnancy fatigue is to exercise; unfortunately the word ‘exercising’ alone will be enough to scare anyone away. It may seem like torture to go for that long walk as you are already tired but in the end you will benefit from it as your body will respond to the release of the endorphins that were released into the body while you were exercising. In fact if you spend most of your time resting and you do not include any form of exercising in your daily routine, your fatigue would get worse. Try to do anything that would get those muscles working; even a low walk would suffice at this point. But try to not go overboard and push yourself too hard, it is also best recommended that you consult with your doctor about the exercises that would be safe and appropriate for you during the pregnancy.

Don’t feel guilty instead take advantage of it

It is important that you stay relaxed and for the rest of the period of your pregnancy let the family take care of you instead. So make sure that they are doing their part to help or better yet more than what is expected of them. Let your pregnancy be a time where you can relax and enjoy yourself and instead of feeling guilty and stressed out. So if you want to indulge in a massage, enlist a baby-sitter to help you with the other children or if you even want to take long naps then by all means do so. If you ever start to feel guilty in anyway just remind yourself that you are not just taking care of yourself but also the baby that is developing inside of you.

So just follow these simple steps to help you in dealing with the fatigue that you are experiencing. However if these solutions are not providing you with the energy that you would need to make it through the day, then it is best that you consult with your doctor about it. Do not think that what you are experiencing is something minor; always let your medical provider know what is bothering you during your pregnancy. If there is nothing major then the trip can ease your mind and you will find that you will sleep better during the evenings. And remember your doctor will be more familiar with the problems that you are experiencing so make sure that you inform them. Let them be the judge of whether it is a normal phase that most people go through or something that will require more attention.


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