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Etiqa is a household name in Malaysia where it provides insurance coverage for individuals and businesses. Started in 2005, it was then known as Mayban Ageas which was the insurance and takaful arm of the larger Maybank group.

Subsidiaries and focus areas

Mayban Ageas is made up of several subsidiaries when it started. This includes Mayban Life Assurance, Mayban General Assurance and Mayban Takaful together with Takaful Nasional Sdn Bhd and Malaysia National Insurance Berhad. Etiqa’s brand only came about in 2007 which by 2018 has been changed into 4 major arms namely:

  •   Etiqa General Insurance Berhad (EGIB)
  •   Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad (ELIB)
  •   Etiqa General Takaful Berhad (EGTB)
  •   Etiqa Family Takaful Berhad (EFTB)

Products by Etiqa

Consumer insurance is a major area of business offered by Etiqa with a strong focus on vehicle insurance. Generally, Etiqa provides insurance and coverage for homes, individuals and property while offering investment-linked products as well. Besides that, Etiqa is also involved in offering insurance packages for business on asset protection and in group insurance products.

Vehicle insurance

There are 2 types of vehicle coverage by Etiqa which are:

  • Motor Insurance – A standard package that protects the vehicle from damages, theft or loss with additional options. Comes with emergency hotline and rebates for online renewals.
  • Motor Takaful – This is a Syariah-compliant insurance plan that protects the vehicle with add-ons.
  • Motorcycle Takaful – Syariah-compliant package for motorcycle owners.
  • Motorcycle Insurance – Standard motorcycle insurance with protection against theft or damage.

Travel Insurance

For travelers and those who are constantly on-the-go, the following packages will be required.

  • TripCare 360 Takaful – A Syariah-compliant plan with coverage for loss of baggage, medical and other inconveniences during traveling.
  • TripCare 360 Insurance – Standard travel insurance package with rebates when applied online.
  • Travel Ezy Insurance – Comes with compensation for flight delays when traveling domestically.
  • i-Travel Ezy Takaful – Syariah compliant travel insurance plan.

Home and property insurance

Etiqa protects the homeowner and property against unwanted incidents. Coverage packages include:

  • Houseowner and Householder Insurance – Protects the structure and belongings inside against losses or damages.
  • Houseowner and Householder Takaful – Syariah-compliant protection plan for homes. that include natural disasters.
  • MRTA & Long Term Fire Insurance – Public Servants (LPPSA) – Catered for those working in public service, this is a protection plan for home financing. Comes with protection against fire and explosions as well as death benefits.

Personal and Family Protection

Etiqa has a wide range of protection plans for individuals and family members for a better financial future. This include:

  • Buddy PA and Takaful Buddy PA Insurance – Standard and Syariah-compliant package for protection for those who are active.
  • RiderCare PA Insurance and RiderCare Takaful PA – A personal accident package with comprehensive coverage.
  • Flexi PA and Takaful Flexi PA Insurance – Affordable protection plan against accidents and unwanted incidents that might occur.
  • Mega PA and Mega PA Takaful – Coverage for both adults and children against accidents.
  • Femina Special Insurance – A protection package catered for women with coverage including female cancer and other known illnesses.
  • Cash Care PA and Cash Care Takaful Insurance – Add-on package for car insurance with more benefits and features.
  • Mabrur Takaful – A savings plan with a protection coverage for Muslims to help fund Hajj and Umrah.
  • Triple Lifestyle Protector Insurance – This is a plan that comes with payout and guaranteed protection.
  • Prisma + Takaful – High financial coverage and affordable investment.
  • Triple Growth Insurance – Short term plan for higher returns.
  • Harmoni Takaful – Low entry and commitment plan with a flexible savings schedule.
  • Karisma Takaful – Comes with comprehensive coverage and cash payout every 2 years.
  • Aspire Insurance – This is an education insurance package that helps to save for the child’s future education fees.
  • Intelek Takaful – This plan builds and education fund and comes with insurance coverage for the child.

Investment-Linked Packages

  • SecureLink Insurance –  A protection plan with comprehensive coverage for the policyholder and a better return in investments.
  • Hadiyyah Takafulink – Syariah-compliant plan that comes with incremental cash payout that stretches the investment amount.
  • Mahabbah Takafulink – Provides security and stability for policyholder’s family with better returns and savings.
  • MaxiLink Insurance – This plan comes with an incremental cash payout.
  • MegaLink Insurance  – Protects the livelihood and lifestyle of the family.
  • ElitePlus Takafulink – Add-ons that come with death and disability benefit, among others.

Health Insurance products

  • e-Medical Pass Insurance – This medical plan comes with cashless admission and hospital and surgical benefits to help cover high medical expenses.
  • e-Medical Pass Takaful –  The Syariah-compliant version of e-Medical Pass with added benefits and features.
  • e-CancerCare Insurance – Catered for protection against cancer and to finance the treatments.
  • Medical Plus Insurance Medical Plus Takaful – This insurance plan covers medical expenses and unlimited lifetime coverage.
  • IL Medical Plus Insurance – An add-on product to complement employment medical insurance.
  • IL CI Plus Insurance – Comes with protection up to 68 illnesses and diseases.
  • IL Cancer Shield Insurance – Coverage plan for cancer from early to advanced stages.
  • IL Female Essential Insurance – This plan is catered to cover critical illness for women.
  • Takafulink Medical Plus – This is a comprehensive Syariah-compliant medical insurance package with coverage for unexpected medical expenses when they occur.

Insurance for Businesses

For businesses, Etiqa has a wide range of customizable and special products for companies operating in various industries. This includes protection for assets and various forms of liabilities. Among the business segments that are covered include:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Services
  • Engineering
  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture

Protection covered by Etiqa includes fire, burglary, machinery breakdown, consequential loss and others. Besides that, Etiqa also provided Group Medical insurance for companies that include hospitalization and surgical coverage.


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