Emotions and Love

Emotions and Love

We have included here in our categories a segment where you can find out more about your more softer side which deals mostly with love and emotions. This is where you will be able to gauge various concepts and advise on how you can deal with your feelings for your partners. From problems in relationships to butterflies in your stomachs, we have included here all aspects of love which you will find to be useful and interesting to learn from. Our love gurus here will be posting regular articles on how you can deal with your emotional side and thereby giving you the advise you will need. If you have a problem that you need our experts to help on, you can do so by sending in your requests here where they will help them in whichever way they could. Alternatively you can also post your problem to the public where the community of members here at Men.com.my can offer you advice from the more experienced. If you have problems with your sex life or need help with sexual matters, this is also where you can send us your questions and we will help you by providing solutions to the best we could.



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