Effective ways to save on household bills

Effective ways to save on household bills

If you have been experiencing high household bills in the past, you might have complained that someone might have rigged your TNB meters and such. In most cases, people do not know that it is actually themselves who are causing sky-high electricity and water bills because they are not observant enough.

In fact, if you take note of certain practices, you will find that your bills will be reduced significantly in the near future. Below are some of the common methods.

Go solar

– one thing for sure, if you use solar power by installing a PV (Photovoltaic) system, your home will be utilizing less electricity.

Use energy saving devices

– light bulbs (both fluorescent and incandescent) are known to drain a lot of energy. Its time to change to LED bulbs.

Don’t fill the kettle

– if you only need to make a few cups of coffee, don’t fill up the entire kettle to boil water. Boil only what you need.

Use full loads when washing

– accumulate enough dirty clothes to wash them in a full load. Avoid half or partial loads as you will need more water and electricity along the way.

Don’t leave appliances on Standby mode

– if you are not watching the television or using the Astro services, switch them off. Leaving them on Standby mode might start them up faster but they are consuming electricity anyhow.

If you are not using the lights, turn them off

– even if you are only leaving the room for a while, turn off the lights and turn them on only when you return later. The more you do this, the more you will save.

Close the curtains

– when you go to bed at night, close the curtains so that heat can be retained in the house. This is equally as important if you are using air-conditioning no matter what the brand is.

Check the waters

– the trick is to use the heater to get to a temperature that you are comfortable with. Once you have done that, it would be enough to take your bath. Overheating the water will give you hot water which is equal but could drain your electricity bills.

Control the temperature

– in cold countries, the thermostat plays an important role to heat up the room. In hotter countries like Malaysia, the air-conditioning does this on the opposite. Before going to sleep, turn up the temperature slightly. This way, your air-conditioning need not generate so much power as the temperature outside is already cooling down.

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