Economic outlook for the Year of the Dog

Each year, when Chinese New Year comes around, talks about how the future is going to be will surely heat up. In fact, business owners and firms would go to the extent of reading or finding out the ‘luck’ of the year as there might be plans for expansion and growth. No one likes to take the wrong step.

How has last year been?

Everyone knows who Datuk Joey Yap is, who has been one of the most influential people when it comes to fortune and luck. The CEO and master trainer at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics said that the year of the Fire Rooster would be volatile and uncertain which has been true in many ways. In fact, it has been so jittery, many wants it to end and hope for a better year ahead.

Enter the year of the Earth Dog

Come 5.30 am on February 4th and the year of the Dog starts. With the rising of record highs of the Dow Jones, there was a similar growing portfolio with the FBM KLCI. Meanwhile, the year of the Rooster saw a weakening currency and very poor oil prices. So, investing heavily in FOREX might not be a sound financial move.
Take note that the Dog do symbolizes aggression and that is what you can expect this coming year.

There will be a continuity of political conflicts and globally aggression in markets. However, there is a lot of wealth to go around. When there is such combination, vitality will exist but it might not be the same as the year before. For the economy, it could mean an up or down for trading.

This year, it would be good to restart certain things like an old project that was shelved or to quickly solve persisting problems. This is helped by the existent of the Yin Fire. Take note that it would be good for anyone with fire, metal and wood elements. Businesses with these elements could consider opening new branches or channels.
According to Datuk Yap, one must be proactive and take action if they want returns. Be passionate about doing something and see them through. Perhaps it is a good time to think about family financial management for new families.

There is a strong element of water this coming year as well. This means that the weather could be quite a dampener. That has been witnessed in early January when rainfall was unusually high while cold countries were experiencing snow in places that were not prone to. If this continues, it could lead to flood and water-related problems.


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