Ebola – What you Need to know

Ebola – What you Need to know

The Ebola epidemic has taken the world by storm and at present has become one of the biggest problems faced by nations around the world in recent years. The word is already sending shivers in hospitals and more so in immigration checkpoints. So what is this Ebola and what you should know? We try to explain.
The Ebola virus has been classified as one of the deadliest diseases in the world today. In fact, it has been recorded that this virus has killed up to 90% of those who has it. And to make it scarier, it is highly infectious.

What it does ?

– This virus causes hemorrhagic fever which will affect multiple organ systems and bleeding is very common.
The Ebola virus got its name from the Ebola River which was where one of the earliest outbreaks was reported. This was in 1976 in the then Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the WHO, there are actually 5 strains of the Ebola virus.

Ebola Symptoms

– A person who contracted the Ebola virus will experience sudden fever and muscle pain. It is very much like a common fever that include a sore throat and fatigue as well. These symptoms can actually start from 2 days and go up to 21 days after the person gets infected. Some might even develop red eyes, chest pains and even rashes. When the virus becomes fully developed, the patient would even experience difficulty in breathing before it worsens which could eventually be fatal.

Are there any cure or medication?

Despite having been reported for more than 30 years now, there is still no specific treatments for Ebola. There were several experimental drugs that were used on certain infected patients but so far, nothing concrete has yet to be confirmed. On top of that, there is no approved vaccination for Ebola as well.

How infectious is it?

Ebola virus can be easily infected through contact with bodily fluids from those who have this. At the moment, no reports have been made if Ebola is airborne but it has already taken hundreds of lives around the world and seems to be coming back in recent years.

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