Drug mules might be spared from the death penalty

Drug mules might be spared from the death penalty

The rule of thumb is that anyone involved in drug trafficking would be facing the gallows but recent events have suggested that the death penalty might not be such an affective measure against anyone charged.

Hence, it is only common that one hears of calls for consideration of the penalty and the current issue going around is that there could be lighter sentencing for drug mules. According to reports, the Attorney-General (A-G) is currently considering calling for the law to be changed and this involves removing the compulsory death penalty for drug mules.

Apart from that, the change would also involve giving judges some sort of discretionary sentencing powers in cases involving drug mules. The call came about after the report that Singapore is planning to ease the compulsory penalty in serious offences involving drugs or murder although they are no plans of abolishing the punishment altogether.

Human rights group in the southern neighbour have been lobbying for the capital punishment to be abolished and condemning it as barbaric where it seems that the usually stoic and strict government is loosening up and listening to the people to reach a middle ground.

It was reported that Singapore is looking to impose more appropriate sentencing and to allow more discretion to the courts despite the fact that punishment for heavy crime like drugs and murder should be strict and tough.

Tan Sri Gani Patail, the A-G said that they are currently in the discussion stage where advice are being obtained from law experts around the world and how they are practiced in the respective countries.

If the amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 get the green light, it might also be good news for those who have been sentenced to death previously. Patail added that this could mean that those who are on death row might be given a chance to be referred back to the courts and be re-sentenced through proper legal representation.

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