Don’t wash chicken before cooking, defrost it!

malaysia prepacked chicken

In one of the most startling revelations ever, it has been found that pre-packed chicken should not be washed before cooking. This is because there could be bacteria that might cause food poisoning when water is used to clean the chicken. As a result, you could be suffering from some bad diarrhea or even some sever indigestion.

And if you should not be washing the chicken, what then should you do for hygiene practice? This is where the microwave comes in handy. Since they have told you not to use the microwave for cooking, then you should put it to better use, like defrosting. Hence, instead of washing the pre-packed chicken, defrost it.

So true is this claims that the UK government has urged consumers to stop washing chicken before cooking as it might be contaminated with Campylobacter. The research was carried out by the Food Standards Agency that found that almost half of the cooks would wash chicken when preparing to cook. Splashing water droplets could spread the Campylobacter bacteria, which is the most common type of bacteria that cause food poisoning in that country.

The bacteria could be spread to the human skin, work surfaces, cooking equipment which troubles more than a quarter million of people each year. This is usually drawn from chicken which is contaminated and that could cause diseases like reactive arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. In more serious situations, the disease could lead to death where children under 5 years old and those in the older ages are among the high risk groups.


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