Do you need a personal trainer?

Staying healthy can involve many things. You need to have a proper fitness program as well as maintaining a healthy diet. It includes ensuring your body gets the nutrition it needs but you need to have a proper work-out session as well.

Personal Trainer?

One of the best ways to start is to engage a personal trainer. While most of the lifestyle fitness centres offer state-of-the-art equipment and machines, they will all be useless if you are not using them right. Some of these centers offer personal trainer services but you will need to find one that suits your needs. So, whichever level you are in, start asking around and the benefits will surely come.

For those starting out

A personal trainer would be extremely effective if you are starting out in your fitness regime. This is more so if you are not that comfortable with hitting the gym. Beginners usually stop going to the gym after the first 3 visits because they fell out of place and at times even intimidated.
At times, you have no idea what to do with the machines and that is where the trainer comes into the picture. If, after your second visit and you still do not feel comfortable, having a personal trainer will help you overcome these fears.
The personal trainer will give you the drill down to what to expect. This is where you will:

  1. Set a goal and getting there
  2. Get to know others just like you
  3. learn how to use the equipment in the gym
  4. be more open to new exercises

Take note that it is not all about exercising. If you are going to set out the program, you need to do this right. The personal trainer will help you to track your progress. In that process, you will start from the easy workouts before gradually doing harder ones. Without a trainer, you will be lost and at the end will give up too easily. Besides that, your trainer will check and help you maintain your diet too.

Seasoned gym goers

If you have been going to the gym for a while now, you seemed to know your way around the centers. You know how to use the treadmill, the cycles and even the weights. Now, this is the category of people who is sometimes called the ‘brags’. What this means is that you tell people you go to the gym and you have some results.
The problem is that you are not disciplined enough to keep to your own regime. After seeing some results, you start to slack and take things for granted. A personal trainer at this point is perfect! This is where you take your fitness program a notch higher.
Yes, you have been doing this for a while now and you have good results. Now its time to do more. Let the personal trainer chart your next phase by checking and balancing your diet while pushing your body a bit more to the edge to achieve even better results.

The super experienced ones

For those who have been doing this for a long time now and would like to get on further, a personal trainer is someone you look for to get there. You have been running like crazy, reading stuff online and have had very good results. The thing is, as you improve, it does not mean you add on to your exercises. If you have been running for 30 minutes, adding another 30 minutes might help but that would be minimal. Its time to do something different. The personal trainer will have the experience to help you get there. Remember that increasing weights or repetition does not reflect how far you have come.


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