Do you know what skin type you are?

what skin type you are

It is vital that you know what skin type you are, as it will help you when you are shopping for facial care products. Choosing the wrong one will make the condition of your skin worse than before. Generally there are 5 types of skin; oily, problem, normal, combination, and dry skin.

Let’s start with the first type of skin which is the normal skin type. This type of skin can be described as being smooth, soft and supple. The skin is usually fine textured and free from blemishes with the exception of the occasional blemishes. Normal skin type never feels oily or dry and has a nice glow. This is the skin type that is desired by anyone however statistics show that less than twenty percent of the female population has this skin type. So if you do actually have this skin type than you are very fortunate, but this does not give you an excuse to not take care of your skin.

People that have oily skin can be described as having a complexion that is course, greasy and sallow. You will also notice that oily skin tends to have large pores as well as whiteheads, pimples and blackheads. The oiliness will return within a few hours after you have washed your skin and the make up will usually be absorbed quickly.

Problem skin is almost similar to that of oily skin because people who have this skin type will suffer form skin that is oily, has a course texture and is prone to acne outbreaks. The pore of this particular skin type is large and other form of skin ailments includes red blotches and blackheads. When they are under stress the skin will become even more irritated as compared to before. If the skin condition worsens it is best to consult a dermatologist to see what medical treatment is best suited for that particular type of skin condition.

The best way to describe someone that is suffering from dry skin is that it looks transparent and has a fine texture. When you do not apply moisturizer the skin will feel drawn and tight and usually you would be able to find fine lines around the mouth and eyes area. It will feel dryer especially after you wash your face and sometimes you will find whiteheads located around the dry patches and eyes. You will need to pay extra attention if you have this particular skin type as it may show signs of early aging.

A combination skin type is where the skin is particularly oily at the T zone area but the rest of the face is suffering from dryness. When we talk about the T zone it includes the chin, forehead and nose. The extent to which both the areas are oily and dry may vary, this means that you need to separately clean the areas to restore them to balance.

Within these few types of skin condition there also exist 2 other skin conditions that may occur either together or separately as well as occurring with any skin type. And they are the allergic and sensitive conditions. So for example when you start to itch, sneeze, breakout, or wheeze after you apply a certain skin care product it is most likely that you suffering from allergies. When this happens you may want to consider using products that are hypoallergenic so that they can treat your skin gently.



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