Your definitive guide to nightlife in the Klang Valley

The weekend is approaching and you are not sure what to do whether to binge on alcohol or just to chill out with your friends (provided you are of the legal age). Even with that decided, you might not know where to go. You have seen this new pub opening near your place but you are not sure if it is not the dodgy type.

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When it comes to the nightlife, there are many types of places in the Klang Valley. You might not want to go to one which you will feel uncomfortable about. Follow the guide below:

Clubbing and discos

The clubbing scene has not changed much since it started. Basically, you visit these places, pay the cover charge (that comes with a drink) and dance the night away. Among the popular names in the clubbing scene are:

  • Zouk KL @ TREC
  • Gravity Club at The Gardens
  • Play Club at the Roof, Petaling Jaya

Pubs and hangout bars

This would perhaps be the best places to go if you like to grab a drink during happy hours. The usual places to go would be like Bangsar, Damansara Uptown and Changkat Bukit Bintang. Basically, there are rows and rows of such pubs. The competition is quite stiff these days. So, you might want to shop around to look for a place with the cheapest beer.
Having said that, some might enjoy the ambience more and do not mind paying a little extra for the drinks and maybe get lucky too. Such places include:

  • The Social
  • Souled OUT
  • The Library

Other types of bars

Besides those mentioned, there are other types of bars. You will notice these bars that their doors are usually closed. Not locked but you cannot see what is happening inside. They are sometimes referred to as ‘girly bars’.
These places do not offer anything unusual but there are hostesses who will be accompanying you during your drinking session. You can politely decline but you might be out of place then. These places are great if you are with a friend or two and are looking for company for a drinking session.




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